Horizon Zero Dawn: 10 Weapons & Add-Ons That Make The Game Way Too Easy

Sometimes the right tools can make a game. If you're looking to play an easy game of Horizon: Zero Dawn then these are the weapons you need to do it.

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NiteX70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

I never really enjoyed the combat until I got that Stormslinger. Man that thing was fun.

Juiceid70d ago

Every creature has different vulnerabilities to different weapons. If it was too easy, the difficulty was too low.

sampsonon70d ago

i never used the focuse or looked to see where the soft spots were. i also didn't use the reticle.
try it. spent a day just shooting at small animals.

HusbandAndWifeGaming70d ago

Once you get to the DLC there is no one way to defend yourself.

sampsonon70d ago

play at it's hardest settings. take away the reticle, hud, and never use the focus.
that's the way i platinumed the game. and believe me, it wasn't easy.

The Wood70d ago

Maaaaan I didnt read the title.....Then you died after all that hard graft.....It was like watching a Korean movie... The heroes always get effed or die

sampsonon70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

lol :) true. i just showed when i died because it's about the difficulty right? it was an intense fight. i tried to shoot his heart after i shot the protective plates off, without a reticle, and it's really really hard using only skill to shoot the moving targets without a reticle. i practiced all day shooting animals to learn where the angle is to hit targets.
and without using focus to find animals or not knowing what's over the hill made the game 10 times better.
i even tweeted the devs asking them to have the hardest setting be without the reticle and focus. this way the hardcore gamer would be forced to use only skill shots. i hope they add it to the sequel.
reason i stopped using the reticle and focus? too easy, just like the article states.

spirited70d ago

On hardest difficulty there should be stamina guage.What do u say?

Rebel_Scum69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

Not every game has to be like souls brah