Top 10 Best Atlus Games

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "When it comes to naming gaming’s most revered and fan honored labels, it’s hard to top Atlus. The Japanese studio is acclaimed for their deep, involved and intricate stories and paired with world class gameplay may be notorious for releasing their games in low print numbers, but those who do play them, know that they are special. For today’s Top 10 list, we want to shine a light on the best games to ever sport the Atlus logo on their boxes!"

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VivaChe468d ago

How can Persona 4 Golden not be here? That must be a mistake.

RazzerRedux467d ago

Because of their own stupid self-imposed rule:

"Only 1 game per main series but spinoffs are ok."

knickstr468d ago

I personally liked P4 better than P5, but P4 at least deserved to be on the list as well.

TheColbertinator468d ago

Nocturne, DDS and Devil Survivor 2 are all missing. Weak list.

KaiPow467d ago

Yeah, I would certainly replace SMT IV with Nocturne on that list. Team over the original TC is another strange choice.

MWH467d ago

Persona 2: Eternal Punishment is my personal favorite.

RazzerRedux467d ago

Until P5, P3 was my favorite. They are all so good though.

ecchiless467d ago

Atlus need to remake persona 2 sin and eternal, best persona games for me.

MWH467d ago

man that would be a gamer's wet dream coming true.

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