Ninja Theory Boss Says Project Dreadnought Might Redefine Entertainment

Ninja Theory Founder and Chief Design Director Tameem Antoniades teased Project Dreadnought as something that might redefine entertainment and introduce a new medium.

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Imp0ssibl330d ago

NT rocks. Glad they're in the big leagues now

Jin_Sakai30d ago

You don’t have to be in the big leagues to make a great game. Look how great Hellblade turned out.

DevilOgreFish30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

@ Jin_Sakai
aside from the marketing sony did for it on it's first 2 years of development.

RobLoPR29d ago

I believe what he means is that now they got the financial backup that they didn't have before. They made Hellblade on they're old budget... imagine what they can achieve with a big budget.

sprinterboy29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Plus valiant hearts, journey, gone home etc.
I've always enjoyed NT games but I've always scratched my head @why the gamer hasn't supported the dev? ie less than stellar sales with heavenly sword from ps3 gamers even though it was a fantastic game.
Then you have everyone cheering for hell blade 2 and rightly so as it looks great and a day 1 for me, but that brings me to hell blade 1 sales 500,000 ps4, 500,000 pc, 300,000 xbox one? Again the gamer not supporting a great dev, yet apparently millions upon millions of xbox owners using hell blade 2 for bragging rights for nxt gen? Even though they never even played the 1st game? Like wtf.

CaptainHenry91629d ago

I always thought Ninja theory was a mediocre developer. Nothing they made was groundbreaking just decent at best

frostypants29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

C'mon. Hellblade was narratively pretty awesome and showed off some pretty-far-out-there creativity. Whether or not they can do that again remains to be seen but they have shown the ability. I admit that just throwing more money at something doesn't guarantee more success though.

CaptainHenry91629d ago (Edited 29d ago )

I'm talking about their past games. Even H Sword was mediocre at best. It wasn't ground breaking. I would have gave that game a 7 out of 10 just like most of their games in the past.

dumahim29d ago

If you don't think what they did with Hellblade wasn't groundbreaking, I'd be curious to see what you think is groundbreaking.

Imalwaysright29d ago

?? Heavenly Sword took motion capture and facial animations to a whole new level when it was released and as a result it was the 1st game to truly have the cinematic feel that many of us associate with Sony games.

CaptainHenry91629d ago (Edited 29d ago )

The only thing they're good at is graphics imo. All mediocre or decent reviews scores below and nothing groundbreaking or a masterpiece. Not one game above a 9

RazzerRedux29d ago

"Even H Sword was mediocre at best. "

I disagree. Heavenly Sword was incredibly underrated at the time. It was hell of a lot of fun to play.

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KaiPow30d ago

Next generation virtual reality, or no?

lifeisgamesok30d ago

I like what their aiming for with Project Mara but I think they should've just made it a horror game without the mental issues tied to it

loxim30d ago

Agreed, Hellblade was good and all, but could have done without the constant voices in your head screaming at you. Still would have been a good game, but it still needed some improved combat in my opinion.

lifeisgamesok30d ago

That's true and they also should've used a different actor for Project Mara than the same one from Hellblade

Sciurus_vulgaris30d ago

The characters in Hellblade has psychosis ...

Npugz729d ago

I didn’t care for it!

frostypants29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Those psychological aspects are what made it interesting. Agree that the gameplay itself needed polish.

@lifeisgamesok has it been established that the character in Project Mara isn't *supposed* to be the person in Hellblade? What if Hellblade is a dream/hallucination of the person in Project Mara? Would be interesting.

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SyntheticForm29d ago

That'd be boring, imo, as there are plenty of conventional horror games to go around. I like the focus on mental illness and find it unique.

lifeisgamesok29d ago

I think there's not enough horror games IMO

29d ago
Imalwaysright29d ago


There are dozens of horror games for PC but for the most part they're absolute crap.

Segata29d ago

Mara? As in the SMT Penis monster? Cool so NT is making a game just about him!

sprinterboy29d ago

You clearly don't know what the studio is about then

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Az1ner30d ago

Right. If sony own them and he said this, you will still say this stupidity?

Terry_B30d ago

Yes..because Project X might redefine entertainment" is just annoying marketing talk that shouldnt be taken seriously, no matter which company says it.

Btw I am mostly a pc gamer who cares about pc ports.

ArmyVetGamer30d ago

Oh stop that...

You sound bitter lol

Godmars29030d ago

Weren't they saying the very same thing with Heavenly Sword?

xTonyMontana30d ago

I can think of a few faults with Sony but so far up their own ass they are delusional isn't one of them.

kneon29d ago

"If sony own them and he said this, you will still say this stupidity?"

Sony don't have nearly the same track record of unfounded overhyping that Microsoft does.

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