160GB PS3 'Drake's Fortune' bundle caught in the wild

Engadget writes:
Hey, pal -- remember that 160GB PS3 Drake's Fortune bundle we told you about back in August? Well thanks to the totally awesome skills of one intrepid reader, we now know that they're available for purchasing pleasure at your local Best Buy (and other spots, we like to imagine). From what we can tell based on that extremely blurry photo you see, the package will sell for a holiday-destroying $499.99, so you'd better hope grandma drops a big check on you this season.

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Grassroots5493d ago

I think they definitely should've had another game in there. Uncharted is amazing, but seriously LPB, MGS4, R2, GTAIV would've all make that price at least a little more interesting for the public.

Aclay5493d ago

Yeah, I definantly think that there should have been another game bundled with it. I think Resistance 2 or LBP would have been awesome for that bundle.

This is my own version of a 160GB PS3 bundle: 160GB PS3 bundle with Resistance 2, Killzone 2 Beta Code, and The Dark Knight on Blu-ray... now that would fly off shelves.

Megaton5493d ago (Edited 5493d ago )

Yep, shoulda been LBP instead of Uncharted.

Should have bundled Dark Knight with the 80gig like how Spiderman 3 came with the 40gig when it first launched.

Bonsai12145493d ago

its limited to first party games, and R2 is too new to include. they make more money selling it separately. they should bundle it with the dark knight, but thats also a third party studio. they'd have to do something from sony picture entertainment.

Megaton5493d ago (Edited 5493d ago )

Can't be true about 1st party limitations. Metal Gear Solid 4 isn't 1st or 2nd party. It's genuine 3rd party, and it got bundled with the 80gig right around launch.

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tortella5493d ago

to get that bundle

so awesome

IzKyD13315493d ago

which 80 GB model are you talking about?
the recent ones don't have backwards compatibility so I would think twice before selling it

Rick Astley5493d ago

@ Iz:

We didn't buy a PS3 to play PS2 games. :)

zo6_lover275493d ago

It would be stupid either way.
It comes with $120 in extras, 160GB HDD $50, Uncharted $60, and pain $10

He will get, maybe $400 (if it has BC) or $300 (non BC)
The 160GB is $500.
He could just get a new hard drive, used copy of Uncharted ($50) and pain and he will end up losing MUCH less $

Dragunov5493d ago

They must add warhawk or another online game, except socom

DiabloRising5493d ago

I'd keep the 80 gig you have. For under $100 you can upgrade your HDD. my 60gb PS3 is now a 320gb PS3, and I only spent $80.

Sevir045493d ago

seriously as much as uncharted is an awesome game. that should have been the bundle they released last year. this year, this bundle should of had LBP/MGS4... specifically LBP because the marketing for that game needs work. MGS4 sold well and is an established franchise. This bundle with that insane $499.99 price is a kick to the gut. at 399 they are doing well if they had just lowered the 40g to 299, and had the 80g at $399 then they would have made waves this quarter but they didn't/. and we'll see how much people stay away from that 500 bucks this holiday

callahan095493d ago

As much as I love my PS3 and the games available for it, and as much of a value as I believe the console offers for the price it costs (and I'm more than happy with my purchase of the machine at 500 bucks)... I do agree. I believe that dropping the price by 100 dollars would MORE THAN double their sales. The demand is there for the PS3, this was proven by how well it has sold in comparison to the competition despite being a higher priced product with fewer available games and less aggressive marketing. A lower price would put the PS3 in killing position.