Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is named after Goku, but where the hell is he?

In the latest Dragon Ball Z game, you should treasure every moment you spend with Goku.

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LightningMonkey21d ago

I was thinking the same thing, should be DBZ Gohan with how much they stick to him.

Still he is the main character so it makes sense.

roadkillers20d ago

I wouldn't have minded running the Dragon Trial (Whatever the afterlife is) if they added fun content.

Wolffenblitz20d ago

You mean the 625,000 miles Snake Way which took Goku like 180 days to run?

LightningMonkey20d ago

They definitley missed the opportunity for some mini games. Should have gone the Dragon Ball Infinite route. I love the sub stories in the game, the tourists specifically made me laugh.

The story with Roshi and Shen killed me I was giggling so much.

I love this game.

nato2520d ago

Would definitely be nicer if we went back and forth between Goku (where appropiate) and the other characters. I just got done with the Saiyan Saga almost and we didn't get to do any of Goku's training or running down Snake Way at all. Would have really added to the experience.

Outlawzz20d ago

Yea that was a shame. The legacy of Goku had a way better implementation of snake way and that's a Gameboy game lol I expected some bubbles minigames or Gregory

SeanScythe20d ago

Snake way DLC lol get ready to run over 180 days worth of gameplay. haha

Outlawzz20d ago

Lol Well I'm supposed to be in the shoes of kakarot ain't I

Black-Helghast20d ago

Gonna wait for a discount on this one.