Playing a Game vs. Watching a Playthrough

Can you be a fan of a game if you’ve only watched a playthrough of it?

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FallenAngel198430d ago

Can you be a fan of a sport if you only watch it but don’t play it?

You have your answer

Endyo30d ago

Actually, that would make you a fan of watching a sport. If you played the sport and enjoyed it, you'd be a fan of playing a sport. There are plenty of people who are fans of playing sports and not watching them and plenty more that are fans of watching them and not playing them.

29d ago
BlackDoomAx29d ago

Omg that answer. Thanks for the morning laugh.

UltraNova29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Scotty, beam me up.

OT: Games can be experienced however we want, playing them or watching others play.

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monkey60229d ago

My sister has arthritis and can't play some games. So using that I'm going to give an example.

When Detroit Become Human released I bought it. Played through it and got the platinum. Enjoyed the game, it was good.

My sister worried she wouldn't have the dexterity to keep up with it after the struggles with Heavy Rain and Until Dawn. So she watched playthroughs from streamers she follows.

She loved it. Watched a number of playthroughs from different people to see their reactions and choices. She followed the actors on Instagram and was able to tell me about some of them. Conors actor in particular. I was getting the low down on his family life and events he was at after release.

She still references the game and loved it far more than anyone I know who played it.

So this piece reckons I can't call her a fan because she didnt put the hands on time into the game and yet dedicated herself to it far more than someone like me who played it ever did. Nah that doesn't make sense.

Endyo29d ago

Games in which the narrative is almost the entire focus are probably the exception I'd figure. The interactivity of the player in Detroit Become Human is almost entirely in fleshing out the story by making choices and witnessing the outcome. It's almost an interactive movie. But it's still a valid point.

jznrpg29d ago

I’ve never watched a play through and I don’t why I ever wouls

jznrpg29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

double post

jambola29d ago

I prefer to play a game first before watching anything, but it usually depends more on the person playing that anything

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