Forget Death Stranding: Hideo Kojima Was Born to Make Indie Games

Hideo Kojima may have the chops to produce AAA blockbusters like Death Stranding. But he was born to make indie games.

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Hugodastrevas30d ago

I wish I could forget Death Stranding so I could play it fresh for 100 hours again

monkey60230d ago

I only finished the story 2 nights ago and the end blew me away. I adored it.

Working on the Plat now and still enjoying it

ArmyVetGamer30d ago

It was an amazing game. People really need to give it a go to understand what makes it so special.

Chaos_Order30d ago

An incredible game. Took me to places that I wasn't expecting. Finished it weeks ago and I still listen to the soundtrack.

"C'mon. One last delivery."

Shivers down my spine.

AK9130d ago

Ya me too what a ride that game was especially the ending of the story I haven't felt that way since MGS4

phoenixwing30d ago

Only aaa games will give him the option to hire out all those hollywood actors he wants. So no he is not made for indie

Eldyraen30d ago

Actors do Indie films between big movies, so if he can give them an interesting enough project then he’d do fine. But it’s not like he needs Hollywood actors imo. It’s just DS had a ton.

phoenixwing30d ago

I'm not saying he needs them, i'm saying he wants them. Kojima is a great developer but he often times will hire big names for voice/animation acting. I'm not saying it's bad it just costs money.

WinDos29d ago

All those disagrees for a true statement. If they were really kojima fans they would know the characters are mostly based on the actors who play them. Even snake. He has said as much, mads character was based on characters he played on previous movies not one specific but multiple ones. He even tweeted the movies mads character was inspired from not one but multiple performances from mads past movies.

Tetsdah30d ago

I know the title had mix reception for a lot of gamers (I am in the camp that loves to), but damn am i glad it was made . That was a title made on a AAA scope with indie bravery. It is refreshing to see something so risky put out in a wave of safe big-budget titles.

Honestly as long as he can recoup the budget and has viable sponsors to back him, I would prefer that he would still put out triple a titles. That weirdness is the spice that triple a gaming needs.

Muzikguy30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

I thought the game was refreshing as well. Beating the game and the ending was awesome. I'd love to try and platinum it but just don't have the time to do so. I'm sure Kojima would do some awesome work with indie titles, but I don't believe he was "made to make them".

He's such a talent. His AAA stuff will always rise above just because of the detail he puts into it. He's dedicated, and even though you can do that with Indies as well, it would be different I'm sure. Not saying I wouldn't mind seeing possible indie works

Nacho_Z30d ago

There are plenty of wacky indies out there, the real trick is to make a AAA, such as Death Stranding, which is an original game. I like indies but I'd like it even more if the big boys were willing to take more risks and pour their vast resources into making something both new and commercially viable rather than playing it safe all the time.

IRetrouk30d ago

I'm happy to support his games, I just want him to continue making things he wants, I've enjoyed death stranding so far, currently at the Higgs boss fight, no bts etc, cant wait to see what he comes up with next.

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The story is too old to be commented.