DOOM Eternal Battle Pass Confirmed Along With "Boosters"

If this latest look at DOOM Eternal is any indication, we should be getting a DOOM Eternal Battle Pass available at launch.

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Shiken23d ago

Be careful ID Software...your Bethesda is showing...

LMosche23d ago

Bethesda? All they've done is exploit gullible people who actually wanted an atmospheric game like Fallout in co-op lmao. They've done nothing wrong so far to people with standards. Which is fine.

Reefskye23d ago

Quake Champions already has a battlepass, doesn't surprise me at all this is what happens to most companies designers and engineers, get replaced by corporate people who don't know anything of how the product is made only about how they spend as little as poss to make as much as possible. EA and Activision have been like this for years, Bethesda has made Zenimax take more control over bethesda at developer level.

This is also true for electrical products these days, most electrical companies where started by engineers same with software development. Once they become so big they hire more management who eventually take over failure rates dramatically increase.

Gaming10123d ago

Honestly, if it's just superficial gun and outfit skins and there's no competitive advantage, then I couldn't care less.
It's pay to WIN I have a problem with.

22d ago
SenorFartCushion22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

You sound well trained.

Muzikguy22d ago

In another post I said I didn't like the last game so would probably not like this one. Well, more reason not to like and it's not even out yet.

SegaGamer23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Unless the game is a free to play game, battle passes shouldn't exist. It should just be part of the game that people paid full price for.

excaliburps23d ago

Yeah but it works. Modem Warfare is doing it and I assume they're making a ton of it.

Once gamers get tired of this, publishers will move on to the next thing again.

At least these Battle Passes are cosmetics only.

blanka454522d ago

exactly. battle pass microstransaction crap is rigged!

Echo_23d ago

Thankfully, I'm only interested in campaign mode.

SickSinceSix23d ago

Don't know if it's in the battle pass but I read Doom Eternal is getting two single player dlcs within it's first 12 months.

Blu3_Berry23d ago

I'm not a fan of battle passes as I feel they ruin MP games. The battle pass kinda ruined Gears 5 for me personally (even though it's free). It's just too much of a grindfest.

I shouldn't be surprised that DOOM Eternal has a battle pass considering the publisher is Bethesda. They always gotta have microtransactions and their games as a service.

Nitrowolf223d ago

I do like the free DLC though like maps and such, but they should tweak BP so they aren't as grindy.

Blu3_Berry23d ago

Yeah don't get me wrong, I'm glad some things are free but I just hate that characters/skins can be so grindy. All MP maps should be free though. Last thing people want is a split community because someone doesn't own some maps.

As you said though, they need to either tweak the battle passes or simply get rid of them.

isarai23d ago

Yeah, really eye opening to see how bad MP and MP progression has gitten in games when you go back and play older titles. Been playing Bad Company 2 and it's night and day, forgot that unlocking new weapons and gear can actually be fun instead of a mind numbing grind

Hungryalpaca23d ago

I have no issue as long as the games free.

I bought the APEX battlepass once and I always make enough in the battle pass to get the next one free.

So I basically paid $10 for the game.

That’s when I have no issue.

Free game, why not drop a couple bucks if you play it a lot.

When it’s a $90 (Canada after taxes) THEN they ask for more is when I say nope.

neutralgamer199223d ago

What's so funny is the year before Bethesda went crazy after MT they made fun of others during their conference

slavish022d ago (Edited 22d ago )

Progress systems in online gaming is here to stay

Muzikguy22d ago

I agree as well that MP maps should always be free. It's amazing how long it has taken some companies to realize this. The ones that actually do have them for free anyway

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Silly gameAr23d ago

That kind of kills my excitement a little bit.

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