Doom Eternal Engine Upgrades: id Software Reveals New Details

As well as sitting down for *three hours* to play the upcoming Doom Eternal, Digital Foundry's John Linneman also had the opportunity to discuss the new id Tech 7 engine upgrades with Doom Eternal executive producer and id software studio director, Marty Stratton.

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T1125P27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

To bad John Carmack is no longer at ID. He was and still is a legend in writing game engine code. Will be playing this at Ultra, 1080p, 240hz and way over 100FPS :D The way it's meant to be played :P This is the way.

Furesis27d ago

i hope they up the enemy count per area. sometimes the fights were over a bit too quickly. or you know more waves of enemies. just a little bit

windblowsagain26d ago

Will be playing this a 30fps, 640x480 at 50hz interlace. Can't wait.