Massively: One Shots: Well-balanced beef

Sometimes you find something strange in your favorite online world that makes you stop and say "what?!" Today's One Shots balancing act shows just a such strange situation from Lord of the Rings Online. If you look very closely, you see Tzel standing on a fence - not too terribly strange, really. But then, what's that to the right? Apparently a nearby cow thought that being atop a fence was a lovely place to spend some time hanging out as well - and a wee calf joined in the fun! As Laira, Hunter, Protector of the Shire who sent this screenshot in notes: "Passing through the ranger camp of Esteldin in the North Downs this evening with my friend Tzel when we were surprised to stumble upon these animals balancing on the fences of their enclosure. Do you think we should alert their owner?"

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