We Might Not Like It, But More Games Need To Be Delayed

With releases like Final Fantasy VII Remake and Cyberpunk 2077 rescheduled to release months later, gamers are worried delays are becoming the norm.

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Garethvk32d ago

I worked with two gaming companies as I was getting started in the media. I saw one take their time and get a game out when it was ready and at least stable that a couple of patches would finish it. The other would often ship games out incomplete. There were two instances where things promised on the box were not in the final game and one where everyone in QA and Duplication refused to sign off on the game but were told it had to ship now. They were more concerned with how many "units" shipped each quarter versus quality. About a year after that last mess shipped they moved offices and closed a year later as despite having a very long record for quality; the new owners did not care and the final two ran things into the ground.

Ashunderfire8631d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Man that sucks. I can already guess the company that rushes things out the door. It's probably is a company own by EA right?

It's very bad that as a game developer you work like 4 years on a game that could end up being terrible! It's like all that hard work is wasted smh! Then you get the backlash from gamers, when it's the greedy AAA publishers rushing everything out the door! I feel you man.

I study game design at Camden County College New Jersey, where I got my Associate Degree in. For 4 Game Design classes working on projects, it was a small taste to what the gaming industry was all about. In Game Design 3 and 4 I was working on 8 month project, where towards the end it was all about getting it done. The dream of the project just diminishes overtime. Yes we had some drama from classmates and some disagreements. Some dropout of class because of the extreme workload that affect them working with other classes. Some people got fired from Team leads that has to act like a boss, but my teacher makes the final decision at the end on who stays and goes. The 8 month project was to be complete in time for the show in the auditorium for family and friends attending. The project I worked on was called Cara a simple 3 level first person magic shooter, where Cara the mage go down the basement fighting demons off to save her parents. It really look like a classic Doom game that turn out great. In the end we end up with 1 programmer, 3 testers and the rest game designers and sound designers. About 10 of us, but before that it was like 22.

I remember when a game developer from the industry was looking at my class, and talk to my teacher who was also an Indie developer for Island Officials in Woodbury, New Jersey. The game developer told my teacher yea that's how it's truly like in the gaming industry. I know I can't compare my experiences to your experiences in a more AAA game studio, but I know how you feel. I even read about game studios who went through the same experience I went through, like the one that did the game Anthem for EA games! It was all about getting the project done despite the drama between your co-workers, after the dream of the project diminishes. I had a familiar feeling to the game developers of that game Anthem.

Garethvk31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Sierra On Line

Zibard31d ago

They should announce release dates only after they are confident about it.

Thundercat7731d ago

And yet, still, many situations can arise and impact the release date.

31d ago
rainslacker31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

That doesn't always work, but it would lessen the chances of an official public delay. They'd still have their internal targets. Plus, some of these delays are to help put it in a better release window without as much competition, unless it's from square which likes to delay their games to eventually have it release day and date next to some of the biggest franchises in the industry....but that's just bad luck on their part.

Otherwise, people should just realize that delays are going to happen, and while a rough or exact date will be announced, it doesn't mean that it can't move. It also doesn't mean it's the end of the world, or those people's lives are irrevocably ruined, nor does it spell trouble in paradise so long as the new release date seems like it will be met, and the game hasn't gone into development hell.

AnubisG31d ago

I don't have a probblem with game delays if it means we get a less buggy, more complete game. I rather wait.

Saijahn31d ago

Delays don’t work. There’s still going to be bugs etc that need to be patched.

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The story is too old to be commented.