SoulCalibur VI Reveals First Look at Haohmaru DLC from Samurai Shodown with New Trailer

Does your soul still burn?! SoulCalibur VI Producer Motohiro Okubo walked the stage of EVO Japan to reveal the first look at the Haohmaru DLC.

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lucian22931d ago

he's such a lame guest character. Why not anyone else? Samurai showdown sucks as does the way this guy looks and plays. sigh and spring? that means fall for an actual good character later =_=

NapalmSanctuary31d ago

Samurai Shodown is great and Haohmaru looks awesome in SC6.

lodossrage30d ago

when it comes to guest characters in fighting games. Samurai Shodown and Soul Calibur should be among the easiest to pair considering the nature of both franchises. So bringing Haohmaru to Soul Calibur is a no brainer

lucian22929d ago

i have no problem with samurai showdown in scvi, just it being haohmaru

Deebo_slice30d ago

Comment is voided after "Samurai Shodown sucks".

BlaqMagiq130d ago

Yeah you definitely won't be taken seriously if you think Samurai Shodown sucks.

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Acecalibur30d ago

Samurai Shodown should get Mitsurugi in exchange. Fair is fair.