Haven't I seen all this before? - Top 10 Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Tropes

"Last month, I reviewed Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. One of the things that kept nagging me was how much it borrowed from other Star Wars sources so I decided to put together a top 10 list based around this subject." - Trey Griffeth from Video Chums

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Juiceid32d ago

The overused game design tropes are much worse than the story ones.

grifter02432d ago

Why is this game getting so much praise? It was so medicore.

EverydayJoe31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Thank you. I bought this game after much praise from friends and critics alike, and over all it was very "meh". Facial animations sucked, the load time was horrendous (ps4pro) story and level design were pretty uninspired. My wife was watching me play the final chapter and when the credits rolled I put my tongue out and made a fart noise with 2 thumbs down. Very underwhelming after all the hype. Immediately loaned it to a friend who expressed interest. I said don't buy it play my copy, and if you don't return it, no love lost.

31d ago
Hugodastrevas31d ago

It was (and still is) extremely buggy and the hit boxes are fiddly af, but Star Wars fans are starving for half-decent content so it jumps from a solid 6 to a 9/10.

L7CHAPEL30d ago

One of the most inconsistent melee based games that I played in a long time.
it does amaze me how many people think it's such a great game.
I would sit and wait (counting the seconds on my watch in real time) every time the game would load and how long it would actually take to load all the assets and the textures on screen.
Classic example of a game that was not finished, not withstanding, also not being properly optimized.

one of the points I've always asserted is, let's see what people say about this game that are raving now,
6 months from now about how great of a game it is.
the truth has already started to flow out amidst all the the blind eyed Fanboy praise of it.
A terribly playing game with the Parry button being the anchor of terrible inconsistent combat with all sorts of varying results, which were the only consistent reports from the many different platforms it was on.

The slow and sometimes no response from inputs is what really did it for me,
considering all factors, even the story, which was its greatest strength: it deserved no more than a 7 or a 7.5, and that's only when everything is working as it was supposed to, which was catch as you can...
It's very rare where I feel like I want my money back for a game.