10 Movie Releases That Can Save Blu-ray

With DVD still dominating retailer's shelves, and digital downloads and upscaling players pinching some of the limelight, Blu-ray has had a pretty hard run of it of late. All is not lost for the format, however, it needs the right film release to get back on the straight and narrow.

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CEO OF N4G5426d ago

Blu ray dose not need to be saved.

Rick Astley5426d ago

Apparently it does, since the DVD version of Iron Man outsold the Blu-ray version in first week sales. /sarcasm

chaosatom5426d ago

SO by that logic, PS2 will kill Xbox 360.


tehReaper5426d ago

Uhm..DVD IS killing Blu-ray in sales, my friend.

Blu-ray players(and even the price of the disc) need to drop in price more before the mass market starts picking it up.

DVD is pretty much the norm for people right now. DVD sections overtake the Blu-ray sections, DVDs are cheaper, and pretty much everyone owns a DVD player.

Give it time. Blu-ray will pick up in sales soon. I think December will be a start. Dark Knight FTW!

Gue15426d ago

-and VHS was the norm for people before the DVD came...

"DVDs are cheaper, and pretty much everyone owns a DVD player. "

-and VHS were cheaper, and everyone owned a VHS player. i remember trying to buy a DVD for $500 around 2000 until the savior called PS2 appeared!

"Give it time. Blu-ray will pick up in sales soon"

-Blu-ray is the only way for the masses to watch 1080p video quality on their HDtv's so of course the sales are going to pick up in sales sooner or later.

RussDeBuss5426d ago

of course dvd is ahead right now, but that does not mean blu ray needs saving.
most things i have read say blu ray is selling better for at this point in its lifetime than dvd was at the same point in its lifetime. the more people get HD tvs the more they are gonna want hd media, and most people are not interested in digital distribution, and it cannot compete with the quality of bluray. also the more ps3's that are sold means an extra bluray player in peoples homes.
it was the same whne the ps2 came out, people were reluctant to buy a new player, but they or their kids wanted a new console, got a ps2 and then tried some dvd's and thought to themselves they would never get another vhs.
the only things that may hold bluray back, but in no way will mean the format needs saving are recession, altough it means shops are selling hdtvs cheaper so people will still buy them. and there are still some blurays being released, especially older films that are not recorded or converted that well and do ot take full advantage of what bluray can do, but as the format matures this will be less of a problem.

5426d ago
darkdoom30005426d ago

"Uhm..DVD IS killing Blu-ray in sales, my friend. "

HOLY CR@P! a format that has been out for nearly 10 years and which is now the main format selling more than a format thats only been out for 2 years!?!?!?

what has the world come to...

TheExodus5426d ago

12 people agreed with the statement that Blu-ray does not need to be saved vs. 1 who disagreed? Either 98 percent of the visitors to this site want to see Blu-ray fail or 98 percent of the visitors to this site are...

Real Gambler5426d ago

HDTV need to be saved too then. They are more expensive than old tvs. Just wondering why everytime I visit a store, I barely can find any good old tube tv... Those LCD and Plasma TV should die because they are more expensive and they don't. Still, I'm expecting an article from Tech Radar about the fact that because LCD and Plasma are too expensive, they should die too.

tehReaper5426d ago


I'm not against Blu-ray, I'm just stating facts. I've been for Blu-ray ever since I heard about the space and online capabilities.

I was trying to get across how dumb these "Blu-ray death" articles are. Everything I said is true, and pretty much represent what these articles say, but I went one step further and explained that once mass market picks up, Blu-ray will thrive.

morganfell5426d ago

It is people like you demon that lead to these ridiculous articles. Give Bluray time? How much faster do you expect it to grow? It is far outpacing DVD in it's growth and is the sole reason DVD sales over all were not in the toilet earlier this year. - Bluray held up the DVD market with it's blistering pace.

You were trying to get across how dumb these articles were? Did you read your own comments in 1.3? That is joining the naysayers, not pointing out their skewed suppositions.

Bluray is burying Japan sales and with every major release we see it exerting it's influence worldwide. If sales were waning then moronic pieces like this article might have some merit.

Bitter HDDVD (ha ha I am laughing at you) and 360 fans supporting any negative word about Bluray, regardless of how absurd, are the reason for these articles, not common sense or honest market analysis.

red5ive5426d ago

what the... another one of these "save blu-ray" crap articles?? ahh gosh. retards.

SRU96005426d ago

I already own The Matrix trilogy on HD DVD, but I can't wait for The Lord of the Rings to be released.

DaCandyman5425d ago

Just another article from an author that invested his money into HDDVD. And is still Pissed about the loss.

SRU96005425d ago (Edited 5425d ago )

As someone that owns multiple HD DVD players, I gotta say that "losing" the format war was one of the best things that could have happened for us.

HD DVDs are cheap. I mean DIRT cheap. Like Transformers for $1.99 cheap.

I have around 70 HD DVDs and I paid $5.99 or less for at least 60% of them! Many were $3.99 or $1.99! I got the Matrix Trilogy for $20, season one of Battlestar Galactica for $14.99 and a bunch of other insane deals.

I buy new releases on Blu-ray (obviously) but continue to purchase HD DVDs at incredible prices.

I couldn't be happier.

SaiyanFury5425d ago

Wow, considering the rapid adoption rate of BD, I wasn't aware it needed saving.

jadenkorri5425d ago

there always an epic fail, some poor sap believes that blu-ray sales is not doing good, writes an article on how to save something then it ends up here....... here's the fact, comparing blu-ray sales compared to dvd sales back when it released comparing the sales percentage, you clearly see that blu ray is doing way better than dvd.... Comparing sales of Blu ray to dvd sales today is utterly ridiculous.... almost everyone owns a dvd player and sales for dvd of course will ALWAYS be higher, were as blu-ray sales will always be lower due to its install base......really if someone out there is expecting blu ray sales to beat DVD, when dvd been out for 10+ years and has a huge f*cking install base compared to a blu ray which released approx 2 years ago....goto the f*cking doctor and get your head out of your a$$..

tehReaper5425d ago (Edited 5425d ago )


WTF are you smoking? Ohh I forgot, if I don't fully support Sony, I'm automatically against you.

You can continue to just act like Blu-ray is doing amazing(it's not yet, but sales are better than when DVD started..) and completely dismiss every bad thing said about it. What I stated is 100% true, and it will stay that way until the mass market price hits. Yeah I said give it time, because obviously there are people out there downplaying its sales. I attempt to defend Blu-ray, and everyone takes it as if I'm against it.

You people get so dang bitter if the truth is said about Blu-ray. Like I said before, I wasn't trying to bag on Blu-ray. But since I tried to throw my perspective on it, I get attacked. All you said was basically Blu-ray doesn't need saving. Did I say it did? All I said is that Blu-ray is obviously not the video king right now and I told it like it is. Do you want me to say, "Ohh yeah, Blu-ray is the hottest selling new technology ever"? Do you want me to just lie and say that the Blu-ray section at Wal*Mart is bigger than DVD? Probably, because God help us all if one true negative fact about Blu-ray is said.

My opinion on it? I want it to do better, I want cheaper prices, and I want it to be the norm. It's not possible right now because the mass market isn't after HD viewing yet. Not everyone wants to switch to a new format right off the bat.

Ohh and the remark about HD-DVD doesn't bother me. Before Blu-ray, I never owned the addon nor a player, and I downloaded digitally for HD movies. Believe me or not, I do not care. In the end, you're not open for opinions, because you're obviously a fanboy protecting his fortune. So back off. Let people form their own opinion.

waznotwaz5425d ago

I wouldn't worry mate.I couldn't find anything wrong with what you had to say either.

morganfell5425d ago

You are the inhaler here:

"I was trying to get across how dumb these "Blu-ray death" articles are. Everything I said is true, and pretty much represent what these articles say, but I went one step further and explained that once mass market picks up, Blu-ray will thrive."

Now look at your other previous post:

"Uhm..DVD IS killing Blu-ray in sales, my friend.

Blu-ray players(and even the price of the disc) need to drop in price more before the mass market starts picking it up.

DVD is pretty much the norm for people right now. DVD sections overtake the Blu-ray sections, DVDs are cheaper, and pretty much everyone owns a DVD player."

How is that pointing out how skewed these articles are? You are mimicking them. Qute perfectly I might add.

DVD is hardly killing Bluray sales when you consider Bluray is still an entry product and on several recent occasions IT HAS BURIED DVD. Iron Man anyone? That is becoming the norm rather than the exception.

If you were really trying to point out the idiocy in these articles you would have quoted actual market analysis that shows how fast Bluray is growing, faster than DVD did on it's inception. Instead you just restate, and thereby agree with these horribly researched and wishful HDDVD mournful articles.

Now go have another toke...

tehReaper5425d ago

Wow, you're one sad fanboy.

Go attack someone who is actually ATTACKING Blu-ray, instead of wasting my time with your nonsense. These articles talk about how Blu-ray will eventually fail. I say the opposite. Just because I state the obvious and detail the current situation, doesn't mean I hate Blu-ray.

Jesus, you're so one minded.

morganfell5425d ago (Edited 5425d ago )

Why attack elsewhere? It is fairly obvious you made a comment and then after the edit time closed you tried to back peddle on your previously stated view.

Agreeing with one of the main points of the 'impending doomsayers' is hardly saying the opposite. If you can't realize you went down the wrong path then my participation here is like throwing schoolbooks at a brick wall.

Besides, I can just put you on ignore and not have to ever deal with such ridiculous and erred comments again.

tehReaper5424d ago

Back peddle my comment? My friend, it's VERY possible to be able to see that Blu-ray is NOT breaking any records. It's doing great, but right now it's quite expensive. People can't put trust in such a expensive format during this recession. Me? I own only 7 Blu-ray movies, I want more, but between all the games this holiday, I probably won't have any extra money for Blu-ray, except The Dark Knight.

How can I get it through your head that I have FAITH in Blu-ray? I can be two-sided at times, but not with Blu-ray. I only stated how the situation is now, but does that mean that I believe in the future it will fail? NO.

Blu-ray is like the PS3. Blu-ray is the format of the future, DVD is the format of now. 360 is console of now, PS3 console of future. It's very clear that the PS3 will overtake the 360 soon. When that happens, Blu-ray will gain popularity and will increase its install base. Then you'll start seeing impressive numbers from Blu-ray, and staggering numbers from DVD.

Can we please close this discussion? I'm not against you, but for some reason you think I am.

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yanikins1115426d ago

you both get bubbles

lol @ headdesk

jadenkorri5425d ago

thats exactly what i do every time a read an article like this

Imallvol75426d ago

wow, there is a new article every week on how Blu Ray and PS3 need to be saved.