The transforming Xbox 360 D-pad is proof that bad buttons can get better

The Xbox 360 controller is considered to be one of the best video game controllers ever made — except for one thing: the D-pad. It’s conversely one of the worst directional inputs ever put on a controller.

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darthv7228d ago

I never had a problem with the regular DPad, even for fighting games. It may not have been liked as much as ones from the SNES or the PS1 but it did its job. when they added the transforming aspect... well that made it even better.

isarai28d ago

Im not the one who disliked your comment, but my experience has been terrible with pretty much all xbox d-pads besides the transformer d-pad. Just trying to accurately and consistently hit diagonals and straights is damn near impossible, it just wobbles too much, and the XBO D-pad is really stiff, but better. They should have just added the transformer d-pad to the XBO controller

isarai28d ago

Dont know why they ditched it on the XBO, they finally figured out a good d-pad and they just ditch it, dumb

Vits27d ago

I never really had that much problem with the 360 D-Pad, mainly because I didn't used it that much. I never felt that it was comfortable in my hand. And I actually have the exactly same issue with the Dual Shock but in regards to the analogue rather than the D-pad.

Weirdly enough my favorite controller to this day is the Xbox Duke. That monstrosity fit just right in my hands.

BayAreaBird27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Why can't companies just reuse the SNES D-Pad. I don't even like the current PS4 dpad or Xbox one that much. GameCube dpad was too small and the PS Vita D pad almost had it but they separated the dpad buttons into 4, which I really hate from PlayStation. What made the SNES D-Pad awesome is the fact that it was a decent size and it was all molded into one big button. It feels so much better to play side scrolling games with that kind of built D-Pad instead of 4 small individual buttons to make up the D-Pad. I will say the Xbox one elite controller D-Pad feels really good.

Orionsangel27d ago

I used to just keep the d-pad button turned up. D-pad's just stick up and out not be flat.

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