PS5 and Xbox Series X games are already in the works from about 10 percent of devs, survey finds

38 percent of developers say their next project is headed to PS5

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BlackIceJoe24d ago

I would hope so, with both systems do to come out at the end of the year. If anything I'm disappointed to hear it isn't more. I understand games take time to come out, but even if the developers that aren't making games for those systems started to make games for them tomorrow, you'd not see them for a couple more years, on either the PS5 or Xbox One X. So not the news I like to hear and hopefully more developers will start to make games, for the new systems.


There will be an avalanche of PS5 games from Sony this year and next year. I'm not concerned in the least about a lack of games from the PS5.

I AM concerned however about the extra time and resources it takes to ensure that a Series X game is playable across 4 different Xbox consoles (OG Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, and Xbox Series X).

MasterCornholio23d ago

Hopefully that number doesn't reach 5 with the Xbox Lockhart added to the mix.


@MasterCornholio You're right! Didn't think about Lockhart. I like what Microsoft is doing with Game Pass, but I don't think that should be their MAIN strategy going into next-gen.

If I'm paying $499-$599 for a new console, I want games that take advantage of what that console can do.

I'm guessing Microsoft is fully aware that they have a disadvantage in the games department and will use Lockhart to undercut the PS5. I don't think that'll work though.

ArmyVetGamer23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

The sad thing,

MS only cares that youre buying their software period... thats their MAIN intent.


They could care less if you buy their new console and the console itself is an afterthought. No games are exclusive to the platform. The xbox was just an engine for their longtime goal.


Fine, i wont be buying either

Also Me:

Imagine if all Nintendo and Sony exclusives went to pc. Sony is letting a few select titles after 3-5 years... not nearly the same thing

sprinterboy23d ago

Launch ps5 games will be;
Housemarque new AAA game
Horizon zero dawn 2
GTS update plus free DLC
2 top tier indie titles

Plus obviously tlou pt2, GoT, cyberpunk, days gone, dreams etc updgrades and updates etc.

timotim23d ago

I wouldn't worry too much about that. XGS have been getting use to this kind of process for the past few years now...they're actually getting pretty good at it now. Many of their studios have already been releasing games to the original Xbox One, One S, One X and Windows 10 which already comes with its own range of specs to target. FH3, FM7, MCC, Outer Worlds, Gears 5, Sea of Thieves etc have all been made to target those platforms listed...2 more would just be two more haha. Rare even managed to get Sea of Thieves running on a Surface Pro device natively at 30FPS.

Also keep in mind that most 3rd party devs already do this with no issue. I think it will be fine...XGS have been putting their titles on a range of console and PC for years now while getting better and better at it.

Imortus_san22d ago

Avalanche of games from Sony, hahahahahaha, that one is good, because they made one AAA first party game in 2018 and another one in 2019, this year they have two for PS4 and Probably more for PS5, to call it an avalanche is LMAO.

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Muzikguy23d ago

I'm quite sure it's more than 10%. If nothing more they could just "flip more switches" like everyone that talks about upscaling says they can do. That's a very low number though and I really do think that more are working on the new systems by now

isarai23d ago

The full reveals cant come soon enough!

Muzikguy23d ago

Really thinking of staying off this site until the PS5 reveal lol. It's the mostly the same theoretical stuff over and over

isarai23d ago

Not to mention it has reached peak toxicity in the comments. Only reason im on here is cause i work security which during winter is 80% doing nothing

Muzikguy23d ago


I know how that goes. Did a job somewhat like that myself and sometimes the clock will just drag. Find yourself browsing the internet a lot even when not trying to.

UnholyLight22d ago

I feel the same way, it's been such a long wait and any moment now we are going to finally see a full reveal...but I just want to see both companies pull the cover back already

SolidGamerX23d ago

"38 percent of developers say their next project is headed to PS5 "


RazzerRedux23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

“38 percent of developers say their next project is headed to PS5”

That’s not what they said at all. They said they were “interested” in PS5.

nucky6423d ago

look under the title - it DOES say "38 percent of developers say their next project is headed to PS5".

porkChop23d ago

That's what the writer interpreted, but that is not what the actual survey said. "The responses indicate 38 percent of developers are interested in making PS5 games"

Being interested doesn't mean your project is releasing on that system.

RazzerRedux22d ago


"That's what the writer interpreted"

And it really isn't a misinterpretation. In the article, the writer correctly states: "The responses indicate 38 percent of developers are interested in making PS5 games and 25 percent Xbox Series X games."

So the writer totally concocted that subtitle for the clicks. "Journalism"

nucky6422d ago (Edited 22d ago )

"So the writer totally concocted that subtitle for the clicks. "Journalism" - exactly. which is why i was pointing that out. but judging from he disagrees i got, there are more than a few people on here not smart enough to understand that (like the idiot porkchop) - i hope you weren't one of them. LOL

RazzerRedux22d ago

"exactly. which is why i was pointing that out."

You can lash out at the disagrees all you want, but that's not how your post came across at all. Seems clear your post was attempting to contradict mine. If that wasn't your intent then you need to be clearer.

"people on here not smart enough"
"like the idiot porkchop"


porkChop22d ago


Whether that's what you meant is irrelevant because that isn't what you said at all. Don't call me an idiot because *you* made a mistake.

ArmyVetGamer23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

The last time i listened to polls or surveys Hillary Clinton was going to be President... that should tell you all you need to know.

TK-6623d ago (Edited 23d ago )

So all polls are bad because you can cherry pick one example when the methodology used was questionable?

ArmyVetGamer23d ago

No, in my opinion... i just dont trust them for verbatim

TK-6622d ago

In which case what on earth was the point in you saying "that should tell you all you need to know"? Why do i need to know about you personally not trusting them?

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