GTA 5 & Online Hopes And Predictions For 2020

Here's what GTABOOM thinks is in store for GTA 5 and GTA Online as we head into 2020 and beyond, including with regard to the PS5 and Xbox One X.

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RosweeSon24d ago

It’s BC people don’t need a port. They need the sequel ;) BC will do people fine until 6 arrives.

ilikestuff24d ago

Yea, but they should at least announce the dang game already. All of the ps4 went by without a real gta for it, that kinda nuts to me. We had two for ps3 and 3 for ps2.

bluefox75524d ago

I doubt they're in a hurry as long as they're getting rich off microtransactions.

Z50124d ago

Just think. We also won't get a GTA7 til PS6.

24d ago