First 10 Minutes of NFS Undercover Leaked

We are not sure if Need for Speed Undercover is another victim to pre-release game piracy but we have stumbled upon the first 10 minutes of the game on youtube, might help on your decision whether to buy it or not.

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Rick Astley3896d ago

*Facepalm* Another Need For Speed game.

That's all I have to say.

CEO OF N4G3896d ago

I dont care what any body says, im buying this game.I have loved every need for speed game apart from the last one and thats because there were no cops.But cops are brought back to chase u in this one and i love it.EA u have my £40 when this game comes out.

xhi43896d ago

I didn't even know there was another Need for Speed coming out? lol

how about we stop milking this name.......its so crap now.

oriol0033896d ago

And it starts the same way as the 30 other ones.

omodis4203896d ago

Who actually buys these games every time they release a new one?

psnDevistator3563896d ago

Series died along time ago sadly.

tnkGODimATHEIST3896d ago

Looks like another sucky EA game.

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The story is too old to be commented.