7 Reasons 2020 Is Already the Year of Delays

2020 is filled with games not making it out on time, and January isn't even over yet! Here are the seven that hurt the most and why seeing them pushed back was heart-wrenching.

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FallenAngel198424d ago

That wouldn’t truly be the case unless PS5 or XSX got delayed

TakashiKomuro24d ago

I actually don't mind if FFVIIR gets delayed. It's going to play better on PS5 anyway and that's where I'm playing it.

gniosdb24d ago

How can you be sure of that?

TakashiKomuro24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Common sense. You really think S-E is going to let their crown jewel be outdated at launch? Talk about throwing money in the bin. The architectures are similar enough it's obvious it will have some improvements on PS5. Plus PS5 is confirmed Backwards Compatible with PS4.

Muzikguy24d ago

I don't know why the downvotes. Why wouldn't the game play better on better hardware, unless it was just a sloppy port? I was planning on waiting for PS5 too so I could also get the next one on the same system

Phoenix7624d ago

Don't need to click through 7 pages to know its the year of delays

Muzikguy24d ago

I hate when sites do that. Personally the delays don't bother me. Most the games I was holding off anyway as I've already got a backlog to clear with still more to get this year that aren't delayed

jambola24d ago

Not going to click garbage from lists.cheatcc
but the only things that could be here are separate games that got delayed

PlatinumKing198224d ago

I personally don’t give a crap about the series X or ps5. A couple of extra pixels my tv can’t pick up will make no difference what so ever . So I’m good with my pro , x1x and 65inch oled for another 5 plus years now . As long as the games keep coming

gniosdb24d ago

I understand what you mean (bragging much?), but the most important things of the next game is those experiences we may have. Insomniac Spiderman, God of War 2, Horizon 2, Halo Infinite, Forza. You can be good with your amazing life but once you play Zero Dawn, you really can't wait for a sequel.

Muzikguy24d ago

That's good for you, but I just bought a 60inch 4K TV and I'm ready for gaming on it. I don't have a Pro just the base PS4 so it will be a nice upgrade

Melankolis24d ago

"As long as the games keep coming"

If you only play FIFA, PES, NBA, NFL. Yes, that kind of games will keep coming to your current consoles for several years to come.

BrettAwesome24d ago

If you have poor eyesight and can't tell the difference, why did you bother buying a 65" oled? 😂 and no, the games wont keep coming 😂😂😂

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