What Does Your PlayStation Say About You

A PlayStation Wrap-up is like a personal PlayStation personality quiz. Here's what one could say about a player.

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Apocalypse Shadow28d ago

Mine said I played zero hours of online multiplayer for the year. I spent over 500 hours out of 600 or so in VR. I played mostly Firewall Zero Hour because I was leveling up but playing the single player. It actually gets harder the higher your level is with you against bots. And the other most played game was Skyrim VR. Which makes sense as it's a big game.

But my results we're that I'm more a VR user and single player gamer. Surprising it didn't list Hong Kong Massacre though. I played a lot of that because it's so good.

darthv7228d ago

I know I had zero hours of online because I don't pay for PS+ but I did manage to rack up 217 hours of gameplay. Played 13 different games with my #1 being persona 5 (113hrs) and #2 was spider-man (42hrs). And I earned 93 trophies.

Ricegum28d ago

Only 217 hours? That's kind of sad. Why did you even get a Playstation 4?

REDGUM28d ago

@ ricegum, some of us work or have lives outside of gaming as well which makes up for alot of the other hours within 8544hrs total for the year.
For me, i finished recently Sniper Elite 4, TLOU (4th playthrough), COD-MW campaign & a good few hrs of multi player which i enjoyed more than i thought, dabbled in Mad Max & Borderlands 3 but couldn't get into them, tried to play the Old Hunters in Bloodborne but accidentally wrote over my old game save and have to start again if I'm to play the expansion agghhhhhhh, finished Ratchet and clank too, a load of time playing Battlefield 5 too as well as a few others that i can't think of whilst having lunch at work!
I have no clue how many hrs ive put into ps5 but it's all been worth it.

The Wood27d ago

Is the simple number they give not enough anymore. I think i'm at Trophy lvl 19

Christopher28d ago

Why the massive focus on SP in your post? Are you trying to prove something by mentioning none of it was MP? Why not just talk about what you played rather than whether it was alone or with others?

Mine says I tried a good number of games on my PS4 even though I spent half of the year on my XBO. Still enjoying ESO every once in a while, which was my most played game (accounting for 17% of total hours played). I only played 30 different games, but finished all but 5 of them. That alone met my 2 games finished per month, but I got more done on my XBO as well. So, very happy with my completion rate this year (I don't aim for platinums/1k cheevos, though).

My most played exclusive was Days Gone (I think the only 1st party game I played last year). Otherwise, I finished a ton of titles from my backlog.

I got the "Action Hero" for playing mostly action-adventure games, which seem about right.

Apocalypse Shadow28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

What of it Chris? I stated exactly what the yearly thing was about my use. I'm a single player gamer as it stated.

Almost all my VR games are single player. Spider-Man, Detroit, Horizon, etc are single player.

The indie games I bought were single player. And those other hours where I wasn't in VR were single player. What are YOU reading into it? And I did talk about what **I** played.

Christopher28d ago

***What of it Chris?***

I asked a question. That's what.i still don't understand it because you don't really address and instead take another comment to remind us all your games are SP games.

I guess that's what stood out the most to you about your games, that they were SP?

Weird if you ask me.

Exvalos28d ago

You kind of came after him for no reason, he simply stated his stats, why you feel the need to attack him?

Christopher28d ago

***why you feel the need to attack him?***

Asking questions about his own statements isn't attacking. Feel free to ask me about my own.

The Wood28d ago

'Why the massive focus on SP in your post? Are you trying to prove something by mentioning none of it was MP?'

lol, Slyly sounds like an attack to me. Those are his truths and I cant see where he's speaking for anyone but himself. The question is why was you irked by this??

Realms27d ago


Just like there are people that only play online only there are those that don't. The better question is why does it even matter to you that much. Yes he emphasized not playing online as would I and many other people that don't like online gaming.

27d ago
Christopher27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

***The better question is why does it even matter to you that much. Yes he emphasized not playing online as would I and many other people that don't like online gaming.***

Then why not just say he doesn't online gaming and wants to express that? I would still find it weird, but at least I'd understand his mindset better. And, it doesn't matter to me. It just stuck out and I asked. Kind of the same way everyone else here does when talking to other people. If you see something you question, you ask.

***A better question would be why is your comment so focused on telling everyone how much you played Xbox in an article about PlayStation's gaming report? What were you trying to prove? You're the one who is off topic here.****

I mention it once, and to the purpose of expressing why I didn't play as many games on PS4 as I could have. That's all. So, in only half a year, I felt I finished a good amount of games on PS4 and even beat my yearly goal of 2 games completed every month. It's no more off topic than Apocalypse mentioning single player, though. I don't mind people asking me why. I've answered and that's it. That's how N4G and other comment sites work, btw.

27d ago
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VivaChe28d ago

Mine said I apparently put in one gaming session of over 20 hours. I must have left the machine on without exiting a game or something because I don't remember that.

Christopher28d ago

I had a 15-hour one that was like that as well. I'm certain it was Days Gone since that said I put in over 100 hours and I definitely didn't put that much time into the game. I do pause a ton while I game, though, to do work or take care of things in the house.

Segata28d ago

Same. It said 22 hours for me but I have not put in that much in one session since Shenmue II originally released nearly 20 years ago. So I must have left it on. I just did that the other day with TMS on Switch. I fell asleep lol.

The Wood28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

LMAO.......My misses would have a fit.... furthermore I would too... utility bills are on the rise and the stations aren't exactly low power when active. Would suspending a session then resuming count as a single session ???

Christopher27d ago

Turning your thermostat down/or up (depending on season) 1 degree would be at least 100x more cost effective than worrying about an on console. They're very low power consumption devices in comparison to the big items that drain your power bill (heat/ac and water heating).

Smokehouse28d ago

What?! A good cheatcc article? That’s what’s up. I had the same reaction. Mine told me that I buy more games then I could possibly play. My backlog is stupid. That and Mk11 was the first time I took online seriously in a fighting game and learned the basics. I didn’t realize I put 100 something hours into a fighting game and that’s nuts to me.

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