Is Sonic FINALLY on His Way Back to the Top

Let's cheer Sonic on for once, yeah? Maybe 2020 could be a good year for him with lots of promising announcements.

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PhoenixUp24d ago

Sonic has redeemed itself various times over the years. That’s never been the issue

The real topic at hand is Sonic staying on the path of good quality consistently

NecrumOddBoy24d ago

This. Sonic is inconsistent in quality

RosweeSon24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Was it ever at the top? I love sonic but come on they had so many utter guff games pretty much since mega drive. Always struggled in 3d sonic adventure was alright as good as say Mario 64 don’t be silly. Really enjoyed generations tho they should make a number 2 or a sonic5
Sonic4 was pretty decent but handling seemed a bit off.
Not played enough mania yet does look cool tho never beat the mega drive trilogy tho or sonic2/3 & knuckles

gniosdb24d ago

Have you ever play sonic at all?

RosweeSon23d ago

Yeah have you, how was shadow and all the other guff they released. Sonic is best in 2d

FlyingFoxy24d ago

The Rush series was very good IMO, and i think they proved 3D Sonic can work well like they did with SA2.

DarXyde24d ago

Rush was fantastic.

I literally bought a DS Lite back in the day to play it.

Great times.

Teflon0224d ago

Your whole thing is invalidated when you didn’t beat the mega drive main 4 titles.
Anyway, you don’t seem to have played much Sonic. Adventure 1 and 2 were both great but glitches weren’t scarce. The thing with the 2 games is generally you loved 1 or the other because they drastically changed things between games. Personally SA1 is decent but I loved SA2. Also while the Werehog stages were pretty mediocre and annoying for the play through itself as you wanna play as normal sonic. Sonic unleashed day time stages exceed both Generations and forces in design. Generations was good but they really played it a lot more safe making it a lot easier. Generations without the werehog would probably be the best sonic 3D game imo. But also, we’re not about to pretend Sonic Transformed isn’t one of the best kart styles racers to come out. Forces was a let down and Team sonic racing is actually really good but they really needed to support the game and fix the online. Which didn’t happen so it fell. Plus CTR releaseing didn’t help it either lol. I can say that after 06, generally All the console games that weren’t Nintendo exclusive were great, as well as colours though I do hate the boost mechanic in it. Still was great. The rush titles, advance titles were all great too. If I’m being honest, most of sonic issues stem from them trying to break the mood too much. Sonic lost world is about as safe of a jump as can be taken. That game is okay.

BayAreaBird24d ago

Wow, I 100% agree with all you just said. And here I thought was the only one hahaha. This next Sonic game will tell me if Sega can make Sonic great again. If not, then we'll probably never have another one again since those talented teams who used to work on the Sonic games are long gone doing bigger things.

PyroMessiah8624d ago

A high quality Sonic Mania 2 & 3, no other shite spinoffs. Problem solved.

Absonite24d ago

How about a 3D/2D hybrid game where for the 3D segments Sonic has to use brains and caution to collect McGuffins on precarious platforms, and speed segments transition to 2D side scrolling?

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The story is too old to be commented.