GDC Survey: Devs More Interested in PS5 Than XSX or even Switch; 40% Think EGS Will Be a Success

The latest GDC survey suggests game developers are far more interested in Sony's PlayStation 5 than Xbox Series X (38% vs 25%). The PS5 even narrowly beat interest in the popular Nintendo Switch.

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Jimboms28d ago

This stuff is super interesting

Gaming10128d ago

Honestly, if PS5 is less powerful, I'll wait for a PS5 Pro. I have PS4 Pro and a 1080p tv, so I'll be fine till when that happens in a couple years.

Christopher28d ago

Eh, there's a few factors here.

1. Interest in Switch has died down since it's fully integrated and it's become so heavily used for Indies of all types. It's still a focus, but not really an "interest".

2. New hardware is always more interesting for potential.

3. PS5 is an easy one since people would expect the largest market share initially and they want to get in early if possible, before it becomes like current generation and Switch, where there's just so many options and it's easy for your game to get overlooked.

Gemmol28d ago

I disagree when ps5 only best switch by 1 percent it just meant people still have a brand loyalty to it

Christopher28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

You think Indie developers are brand loyal to just PS when Indie game exclusives have drastically seen a decrease on PS4 this generation while many of them have ported to Switch?

Tech528d ago

"PC remains king, though, with 50% of the preferences."

there are multiple reasons why for that. the major reason for that, is that it doesn't cost practically anything to deploy games on it. so that boosts indie game development. and the last reason, is the types of gamers that have "console + pc" gaming setups. so there is quite a few reasons why PC makes up for a huge marketing number in gaming.

starchild28d ago

"PC remains king, though, with 50% of the preferences."

It's amazing the support the PC gets from developers.

rainslacker28d ago

It's by far the easiest to develop for because of higher level API's, and tends to have the fewest barriers for entry since you can self publish on any number of store fronts. Consoles you still need dev kits, which can sometimes be cost prohibitive. Plus, there are more game engine options which don't cost an arm and a leg to make your game on with PC development.

nucky6428d ago

why - EVERYONE has a pc - they're not stupid - that's a big market to sell to. i game primarily on ps4 but i still play some pc-only games.

UltraNova28d ago

Out of curiosity, how much does a console dev kit cost?

itsmebryan27d ago

Why was it that they prefer PCs more than pS5 left out of the title?

KillBill27d ago

Not really as that is simply where games development starts. So obviously the framework for PC build is inherent.

MADGameR27d ago

If PC is the bigger market then why are PS4 exclusive games outselling everything on PC? End thread

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Tapani28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

I think the biggest reason devs are excited about PS5 more than any other platform is because it is the ONLY platform that has a next-gen BASELINE for developers.

Xbox Series X games need to work on Xbox One, One S and One X. Switch Pro is probably around Xbox One S level when it comes out. PS5 has a minimum requirement again for devs just like PS4 games had to be 1080p to pass Quality Assurance testing and get a green light to be launched on the platform. Maybe that's 4K resolution, who knows, but it will be a mandatory step up in resolution, frame-rate or overall audio visual fidelity to raise the bar.

Plus PS5 has BC for PS4, and online BC through PS Now resulting in world's biggest gaming library on one platform. (However, there still won't probably be BC for all PS games, so you'd still need an original fat PS3 to play all PS1/PS2/PS3 games for 100% compatibility, because of licensing issues and what not.) This means more sales for PS5, which makes Devs excited in turn to produce games for it.

Looking at the data it makes sense Devs are excited most about PS5.

GrubsterBeater28d ago

Regarding what you said about BC for PS5, I heard that PS5 could potentially (possibly just a rumor I saw, not sure) have BC from PS1 through 4 BC on the PS5 Console. Am I wrong, or is that just a rumor?

Tapani26d ago (Edited 26d ago )


(Please bear with me, this is by no means an attack, I'm just thinking aloud.)

How exactly would you have BC for PS1, PS2 and PS3 games that have licensing issues? What if a game IP holding companies have gone bankrupt and nobody ever bought the rights? Or if there are local Japanese laws licensing issues in regards to the music of said game? How on earth do you put those games on PS5, even if it did emulate the games? The only way is to make it read the original discs, and you'd need to find those said games in mint condition. On top of that you need flawless software emulator for PS1, PS2 and PS3. Now, they all have very different architecture and specs that are rather exotic, it costs a lot of money with almost close to zero ROI. So they would basically guess that people would buy a PS5 for PS1, PS2 and PS3 BC, whereas data says that most probably would buy PS5 for PS4 BC. Plus, the only real way to do real 100% BC is actually having the physical PS1, PS2 and PS3 and PS4 chips in PS5, just like the original PS3 had PS1 and PS2 hardware to ensure backwards compatibility.

Again, why would they do it when they already have a software service called PS Now which is extremely profitable and expanding its catalogue?

Taking all this into account, I'm really really skeptical about all the PS1-PS4 BC stuff.

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Cybermario28d ago

cool article, yeah not really surprised

Dovergamer28d ago

Indeed, we SHOULD NOT BE surprised because we can't expect anything less from Sony.

Sony settled the bar way too high that right now such quality became the standard. It's not surprising to see an epic success of the PS5. Who here expects any less when their career where spectacular with the PS4?

bigc07200424d ago

Set the bar way too high? Are you forgetting they sold you a promise with ps4 pro? The "4k console" that doesn't actually have 4k capability? Yikes.

Dovergamer28d ago

No one can't.

I'm deeply anxious to know how these guys are going to surprise us.

StormSnooper28d ago

Double negative. My brain is going in circles.

RangerWalk26728d ago

I can't............. Wait ...... For both

bigc07200424d ago


Imagine, getting downvotes for being an actual gamer xD

Bronxs1528d ago

As much as I like Xbox, gotta admit the hype before new PlayStation consoles is always crazy. Can’t wait to see what so y has up their sleeves.

RazzerRedux28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

More are interested in PC development than any console.

PC 50%
PS5 38%
Switch 37%
Xbox Project Scarlett 25%

Echo_28d ago

yeah that disparity was quite interesting. 50%.

stuna128d ago

So that has a discrepancy of 50%. I understand PS5 accounts 38%, Switch accounts for 37%, which is 75%, adding Xbox's 25% into the equation equals 100%.

My question is how does PC fit into that percentage!?

RazzerRedux28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Multiple platforms could be selected in the survey. And there are a lot more platforms listed in the survey than just those four. The fact that the percentage for Xbox, Switch, and PS5 add up to 100% is coincidental.

Here is the actual question asked in the survey:
"Which platform(s) most interest you as a developer right now? (Choose all that apply)"

"You are taking him seriously? like seriously?"

Not sure who you are referring to here. Those numbers are from the article so...

Monkeysmoke28d ago

You are taking him seriously? like seriously?

sampsonon28d ago

awww! pc player feels left out. it must get lonely sometimes eh? :(

RazzerRedux28d ago

Quite the opposite. I'm happy PC is getting so much love. You seem to be the one who is upset.

starchild28d ago

Huh? Lonely? The PC gets more games than any other platform. And the reason it gets that much support is because there are so many people buying PC games, which generates higher games revenue for the PC than any other platform. So, it's the exact opposite of "lonely" on the PC. There are so many games and so many people playing on PC. It's positively thriving.

"PC remains king, though, with 50% of the preferences." -From the article.

sampsonon28d ago

@RazzerRedux: you know what? you're right. I am upset. I am up set because i have to wait a few more months to play The Last Of Us 2, Ghost Of Tsusima, and FF 7 Remake.

why are you crying? no friends?

RazzerRedux28d ago

Happy as a lark, but thanks for the concern. I'm definitely looking forward to firing up my PS4 Pro to play TLOU2, GoT, and FF7:R as well. Those are going to be some awesome games. A bit of a last hurrah for PS4, but it will be great.

sampsonon28d ago

@RazzerRedux: well, they do have the best exclusives. I pc game but my hardware needs an upgrade for sure.

RazzerRedux28d ago

@sampsonon No doubt bro. I love my PC gaming, but I have to have a PlayStation for the exclusives.

What makes PlayStation different is you just can't find what PlayStation offers anywhere else.

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Christopher28d ago

Lots of Indies at GDC. Developing for PC is always at the forefront because of its lower entry cost and ease of development in comparison.

Automatic7928d ago

Yeah click bait title to rule up the pundits.

PrinceOfAnger28d ago

Even last year ,same in 2018 etc

"GDC 2019 PC remains the best platform as the majority of developers are interested/making games for it"

like Witchfire / bloody spell ,and many others release on pc first before any other platforms
even lost souls aside was being developed for PC before Sony got involved.

ArmyVetGamer28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Yeah, the pc market really has risen from the ashes. Many would have been led to believe it was a dying breed. The thing that sucks, whether us console gamers like to admit it or not, consoles hold back pc's progress. I fully expect with the entry of next gen to reignite the pc crowd.

I just wish they didnt charge so damn much for just a graphics card, when for the asking price one could get a ps5 or xbsx and a handful of games for less than 1 component of a pc...

stuna128d ago

Thanks for the reply. It was a serious question. I just missed the part about having more than 1 choice.

RazzerRedux28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

No worries bro

Have your feelings been hurt or?

fatbastard1128d ago

has your ego been stroked or?

Profchaos28d ago

It's good to see that number shooting up placing of as the primary focus is what gave us crysis.

bluefox75528d ago (Edited 28d ago )

I mean, look at steam, it has an infinite supply of obscure indies. Presumably it's more cost efficient for low budget games to get on PC. Nothing wrong with that, but I think indie and low budget game developers will obviously prioritize PC. Obviously many multiplats go for PC these days too, but there ain't many AAA exclusives on PC anymore, unfortunately.

slavish028d ago

Why is the article title this way 🤔

maximumburrito27d ago

Right but they just want to develop new mahjong games, and ways to check your email. That's what PCs are for. Grandma's emails and doing your taxes.

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