Here's a List of Known Modern Warfare Update 1.13 Stealth Changes

For those curious, here's a list of the known Modern Warfare update 1.13 stealth changes made by Infinity Ward but wasn't announced.

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sander970224d ago

My game is lagging like crazy after this update for some reason.

Nitrowolf224d ago

this update has messed up a lot for people

Bobertt23d ago

Yeah i was on gunfight one game and i started shooting the last enemy and he started shooting back and the game froze for like 5-10 secs and then it was the next round. I somehow killed him but it skipped the kill and killcam.

lnfiniteLoop24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

special ops broken with a download and re-download bug... thus unplayable for many...

SyntheticForm24d ago

It keeps telling me I have to re-download DLC maps. I did to no avail. The message persists (even though I have all the maps) and I'm unable to play at all.

IW really pissed the bed on this.

CDbiggen24d ago

I had the same problem but eventually managed to get it somehow.
When it says you can't play because of the dlc pack horseshit, it'll try and load a playstation store page and add something to your downloads at the same time. Let it take you to the playstation store page and then download the multiplayer pack 2

SyntheticForm24d ago

I'm on Xbox One X and I've tried everything.

Think it's time to say goodbye; had a nice little run but they ruined it.

Definitely not buying another IW product.

CDbiggen23d ago

Wow, I thought it was just a playstation problem. They really rushed this pack out the door.
Yeah I don't blame you.

23d ago