5 Games To Play If You Like Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

If you've finished Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot and you're looking for something to play, here are a few recommendations.

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Teflon02550d ago (Edited 550d ago )

Hell no to One's Justice. That's a straight Arena fighter that's trash. Has no actual subtitles etc. I'd never recommend it and it's definitely not something to play if you like kakarot. Ninja storm I'd say the first 2 yes. But the rest no. Because they're just fights and cutscenes. World seeker and Xenoverse 2 are good choices. Haven't played fist so I can't say either way honestly

Also a note. Xenoverse, looks similar in combat but they actually play very different. Xenoverse 2 especially plays as a balanced arena fighting game, all attack buttons are different. Ki was O while attack and heavy were square and triangle. Now ki is square energy blast triangle and O is attack. You don't have stamina breaks in Kakarot as far as I know. Strong enemies have special skills that change how you fight. Like Vegeta spinning and blasting the field. It puts you in a flying state where you control your ascend and descend instread of the Z axis. Stuff like that. The speed dodge that looks like teleporting is as simple as X on Kakarot while Xenoverse 2, you have to tap block, X and a direction at the same time and it isn't as scattered. More controlled.

contra157550d ago

Dragon ball is a noob anime