NiOh 2 Gets Tons of New Screenshots and Details About Characters, Youkai, Stages, and More

Koei Tecmo released a lot of information and screenshots about several NiOh 2 characters, stages, skills, guardian spirits, and more.

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Thundercat7725d ago

Can't wait to have this one. NiOh 1 was amazing!

SpineSaw24d ago

I'm also very much looking forward to Nioh 2 as Nioh is a great game. I just made Way of The Nioh some 4hrs ago on this very night.

S2Killinit24d ago

This game was hard to get into but once you understand what they want from you, man, is it great. The art direction is crazy good, and its challenging but doable. I didnt know this was console exclusive to PS4. Is it?

AK9124d ago

Jesus if the story beats are true this becoming more closer to Onimusha than the first game.