Banned Hearthstone player Blitzchung says Blizzard never apologized to him

blitzchung, the banned Hearthstone player who received a 6-month suspension for uttering a pro-Hong Kong statement in a post-match interview, says that he never received an apology from Blizzard Entertainment over the incident.

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Fist4achin25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Not going to support Blizzard anymore. Not after this.. No thanks and i have plenty of other games to play.

xTonyMontana24d ago

I wished I could take this stance but I know probably some time in the future they will release something I can't say no to, Diablo 4 probably. Still, this never would have happened under the Blizzard of old.

UnbreakableAlex23d ago

Show some integrity man. Nobody should support censorship companies.

UnbreakableAlex23d ago

Same here. I’m not going to support any blizz games anymore. Actually I never really liked them so much. I have enough games on my pile of shame and in the future to play.

Fist4achin23d ago

Ha! I love that you called it a pile of shame. Holiday sales killed me this year.

23d ago
Fluttershy7723d ago

I know that all of you will disagree with me... But even though I support him and I think China is nothing but a communist dictatorship, Blizzard is a video-game company, and he expressed his political view on a Blizzard tournament (where your political ideas, or religious ideas were not allowed)
He knew this when he signed up.

Gamehard23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

That's kinda how I feel about it too tbh. It's not popular opinion, but he used the tournament publicity as a platform to express political protesting. Don't shit where you eat.

jznrpg23d ago

They could have have done it in a much better way . It’s not hard to say “we are sorry for having to ban you but these are the rules” because they just banned him immediately it makes them look like they support China. Obviously this is about money and they have to do what China wants to be in that market , but saying your sorry isn’t that hard to do .

brrdat23d ago

dude, are you new to this discussion? it isn't about him getting punished, it's the way and the duration he was punished, not to mention the completely atrocious punishment of the casters. stop with the dumbfounded
"blizzard is a game company" blah blah blah bs. yes, they're a video game company, taking advantage of the least regulated multi-million dollar industry on earth.

grifter02423d ago

I wonder if he'd have gotten a suspension if he said he was pro China.

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-Foxtrot25d ago

Of course

Did you see their shitty Blizzcon opening where they apologised without actually apologising

Knightofelemia25d ago

Just another company to avoid besides EA

UnbreakableAlex23d ago

I didn’t buy EA games all my life. It’s actually pretty easy to do because there are so many other great games on the market.

BlackIceJoe25d ago

Unlike Blizzard I support a free Hong Kong and Taiwan. We gamers need to support games developers that want freedom and to get away from the Chinese government. One such company is from Taiwan, that goes by Red Candle Games and made the game Devotion.

Unfortunately because of the Chinese government the game was forced to be delisted and so you can't purchase it anymore. This is a problem, when China is telling other countries what they can or can't bring out and if you don't think it can happen in America or Europe, unfortunately you'd be wrong, because we already are seeing it, be it movies being changed to how we even use social media.

I personally feel for the people of China, because the government is a very dangerous one and as much as they'd like to speak out against the Chinese government, they don't have the freedom, like Americans or Europeans to freely speak out against their government.

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The story is too old to be commented.