DOOM Eternal Is Pushing the PS4 Hardware to Its Limit

In an interview with Video Games Chronicle, Stratton claims that DOOM Eternal is the best technology the studio has ever made.

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Jin_Sakai24d ago

I’m sure it will push the PS4 Pro fan to it’s absolute limits also.

victorMaje24d ago

Time to change the thermal paste :)

Jin_Sakai24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

“Time to change the thermal paste”

We have two PS4 Pros. Mine is quite but my girlfriends is super loud. Got them at the same time also. Crazy.

AnubisG24d ago

I just did that and changed the thermal pads also and now my PS4 Pro is so quiet. It's amazing. I used Thermal Grizzly if anyone wants to know.

nirwanda23d ago

I have an OG launch PS4 that got a bit noisy so I took it to bits and couldn't believe how much dusty crap collected by the Apu

Jin_Sakai23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Thinking about cleaning the PS4 Pro heatsink and applying some of this thermal paste. Some people claim nothing works but it’s worth a try.

KwietStorm23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

It was loud when it was new, so who's fault is it? Because apparently the newer Pro models don't get so loud.

Jin_Sakai23d ago

“It was loud when it was new, so who's fault is it? Because apparently the newer Pro models don't get so loud.”

Both my PS4 Pro’s are the new model. They’re not all quite apparently. It’s a lottery.

Visceral8923d ago

You buy a console so you don't have to do shit like applying thermal paste.

froy40223d ago

Well shit, enjoy you're rocket launcher than. Nowhere does it say on the box or anywhere that it will be quiet or loud for that matter.

You buy a console so you could play games on it that's about it.

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Muzikguy24d ago

I'm unsure about this game as I didn't care at all for the last one. May rent it or something. It would be nice to see what a game pushing the system to the limit would do (although that can always vary)

silenthillstrangler23d ago

If you didn't care for the last you certainly won't care less for this, more of the same amazing gameplay and graphics but even better.

jukins24d ago

I tore mine down and the biggest culprit was the heatsinks basically being wrapped in dust. Thermal paste was actually ok although I reapplied it but it was the dust

HaveAsandwich23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Dude thats the majority. When they open their ps4s theyll see the heatsink is just a big grey mass.

ArmyVetGamer24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

I wonder if she just plays hers more than you do, or it doesnt have proper ventilation. When i first got mine i had to buy a mini fan to point at it because of how warm it got after long play sessions. Just a thought

Traecy24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

I've got the latest model (without the fat plug) 3 months ago & it's so much quieter.

SierraGuy23d ago

I have no idea what you guys are talking about.

I have a day 1 PS4 that I use everyday... whisper quiet...never been cleaned or opened...ever.

Clean house = clean console

rainslacker23d ago

Some of the pros, and I assume the originals, had the thermal paste put on poorly. Mine had about a whole tubes worth on the APU, and it had squished out the side, with hardly any between the APU and heatsink. I put on some new thermal paste, and it's been quiet ever since.

TheBrit23d ago

Then open a side business where you go clean ps4 peoples houses lol - you could make a fortune.

godmachine23d ago

My pro is silent as the grave

Babadook723d ago

Yah pushing ps4 to its limit is great. Doesn't bode well for the xbox one though.

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NLink071424d ago

Really wonder how the vanilla Xbox one is gonna run this thing

Concertoine23d ago

Bigger question: how can this run on a switch

23d ago
BrettAwesome23d ago

Lol yes it is. 50% more gpu power and 3X faster ram. It helps. A lot. Lol. Master chief sucks

franwex24d ago

I played Modern Warfare and Gears 5 on it. Gears 5 has a few frame drops when there is intense action and Modern Warfare’s resolution drops sometimes.
Im guessing DOOM will also chose to drop the resolution over frames due to being an FPS.
It’s nothing too bad, but this gen is starting to show its age.

Muzikguy24d ago

Maybe it'll get pushed off to next gen lol

I kid....

ArmyVetGamer23d ago (Edited 23d ago )


Prob sub 720p while barely substaining 30 fps.
I find it funny xbox fans call a ps4pro a "protato" while ignoring their own "potato" 🙈


How dare you make my eyes even think about bleeding. 🥺

wwinterj23d ago

It'll run it fine. Optimisation is key. We are reaching the end of a console generation so "pushing hardware to the limit" is expected. As is competent devs that know how to work with the platforms.

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Shiken24d ago

Excited to see how this plays on Switch. Will be nice to have this on the go.

Will probably get both PS4 and Switch versions. I will have more time to play on Switch, but when I am at home I would like to see what the Pro can do on the TV.

TheOptimist23d ago

Considering it is running at 60 fps..... That is a huge achievement. They and Capcom could have easily pushed visual barriers past any console games this gen if they weren't going for 60 fps I think.

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The story is too old to be commented.