Sony strikes down ‘Lord of War’ trademark at UKIPO

Sony has been awarded costs of £1,800 against Beijing Elex Technology after successfully opposing the latter’s “Lord of War” trademark application, according to a UK Intellectual Property Office decision.

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FPSFox76d ago

A company in China attempting to rip off someone else's intellectual property? I can't believe it!... Some cultures are such a joke.

Segata75d ago

I think a couple years ago China made a film called God of War as well.

Kran75d ago

Woah what's this gotta do with a whole country's culture?

Are you saying ripping someone else's intellectual property is just a China thing? Because it totally isn't 🤨

jivah75d ago

Except they have very much built a culture on ignoring IP laws on an unprecedented level that. State sponsored or not. Just like not everybody drinks tea in the UK yet they have that stereotype. Or how a tiny amount of people shoot people in america yet Americans are seen by the world as gun toting nuts. Ya. IP laws are half the problems we have with China. That was the main goal of the TPP. The other half is like hegemony and shit,

maximumburrito75d ago

That's pretty much all China does. fake food, fake movies, fake makeup. And they don't give a shit if their products hurt people.

75d ago
nucky6475d ago (Edited 75d ago )

you must live in a cave to be so naive. sure, this sort of thing happens other places - but it's a way of life in china.

edit: at tully601 - yea, you CAN do that - and then have it break on you 2 months later.

75d ago
75d ago
Realms75d ago (Edited 75d ago )


They can undercut other markets because they don't have laws and red tape that protect workers. Two they steal ideas and properties from other companies openly. Thirdly they don't care how much pollution or harm they do to the environment. You think other countries couldn't do what China does? It's just the price they will pay will be tremendous specially the environment one. They basically have no regulations and they can do what they want when they want.

S2Killinit75d ago

Its not their culture, its their government. But there is truth that they are stealing intellectual property with impunity.

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blacktiger75d ago

one day just even doing anything is a lawsuit. Becareful what you wish for, patent and copyright are the biggest fraud!

Ninver76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

Sounds like an awful attempt at bootlegging

RabbitFly75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

I don't know. I know chinese companies have a reputation for plagarism, but equating lord of war with god of war seems a bit thin. What happens then when Sony wants to make a God of War movie. Will they be sued by lionsgate because it might confuse people about when they own a movie called Lord of War?

I mean. This is a trademark filing and it makes sense to try to block a filing to protect your trademark. Simply because failure to do so will make it harder to do it in the future.

I just don't get why people are acting like trying to trademark lord of war is an actual attempt to plagarize god of war. It would be if the property being published under the title was some kind of bad adaption, but otherwise both terms are generic enough that they can be anything.

Inzo75d ago

"What happens then when Sony wants to make a God of War movie. Will they be sued by lionsgate because it might confuse people about when they own a movie called Lord of War?"

I was thinking the same thing.

Teflon0275d ago

Sony already owns the God of War name. It can't be shot down as they have proof it's in direct relation to a series the company owns the IP to. It can be taken to court. But it isn't stopping a God of War because it exists.

P_Bomb75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

Check out ‘The movies that made us’ on Netflix, in particular the Ghostbusters episode. Took some fateful chess to even get the movie called that. Interesting stuff.

There’s already been a ‘God of War’ movie as recently as 2017. Nothing to do with the games, they just took the title. If any red tape needed cutting, they might start by looking there.

maximumburrito75d ago

No, they will just be required to cast Nic Cage as Kratos.

nucky6475d ago

nick cage as kratos - that sounds so surreal.

nucky6475d ago

you'd understand if you'd read the story first.

godashram75d ago

The whole lionsgate movie aside (which was the 1st thing that hit me) Why hasn't Sony and Microsoft fought then? (or did they and I just missed it?)
I mean, Gears of War is a 3rd person action game you you splatter other things as well. You can't even use GoW unless it's obvious what console you are talking about. I could understand Sony struck down "deity of war" or something along those lines, but Hearing "Lords of War" makes me thing we were getting a Nic Cage based game...

RabbitFly74d ago

It is possible that they did try to Block gears of war, but was denied.

I would think that it is common practice to have lawyers that Just do this on a regular basis. I am No trademark lawyer, but I am pretty sure I have read that failure to protect your own trademark can give a precedent against you in future cases.

So even if an attempt to Block gears of war failed it could be worth it. It is also possible that this has to do with specifically where the trademark was applied. This article talks specifically about a uk trademark. I have no idea where gears of war is trademarked, but one can assume that it is in the US first and foremost.

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FinalAeonX75d ago

Here I was thinking of Nic Cage's movie Lord of War lol T_T

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