“Last Oasis” has just announced the final call for its closed beta period

Last Oasis developers, Donkey Crew, have announced their final call for closed beta testers today in preparation for their Q1 Steam Early Access launch.

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Christopher29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

"PvP in Lost Oasis doesn't just mean that everyone kills everyone on sight."

Not at first, but eventually that's exactly what it will become for people with massive amounts of resources. I really hope they work on grief control and power limitations. So far, no game like this has ever done that and forces people to create new shards/servers to retain some form of equality.

Best of luck to them with an interesting take on persistent world PvP.

TGG_overlord29d ago

That is a very good point, and yes, it tends to lean towards people doing that in the end...So that's something which the devs have to work on. Word on that.

bangoskank28d ago

My tired eyes read "Legend of Oasis". I miss old Sega IP's.

TGG_overlord28d ago

I feel you -_- But sadly enough, this was not the case, at least not this time.