Study Claims PlayStation Fans Are The Most Brand Loyal

A recent study determined that Sony fans were more loyal than those of other gaming platforms.

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AspiringProGenji29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Loyalty is earned, and Sony has more than earned it by delivering greatness every generation, even in their worst gen they delivered. It is just now that they are on top that loyalty is somehow a bad thing. Companies live off loyal consumers the most

bishup2529d ago

"Study Claims PlayStation Fans Are The Most Brand Loyal"

notably the most vocal i'd say.

The Wood29d ago Show
darthv7229d ago Show
SolidGamerX29d ago

That's a matter of perception and I imagine more then a little bias. I'd say fans of either brand can be very vocal.

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Christopher29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Big news: brand with most fans talks more than other brands with fewer fans...

darthv7229d ago (Edited 29d ago )

I am loyal to my family, my country, my job but not my gaming systems.

For those, I love to play the field.

RosweeSon29d ago

Well there’s more of them 🤷🏻‍♂️

RazzerRedux29d ago

"Well there’s more of them"

Exactly. That's why Xbox fans claim n4g is a biased towards Sony when in reality Xbox fans are simply outnumbered.

Eonjay29d ago

All brands have loyal fans. But Sony has the most simply because they have the biggest install base of them all by a large margin. So even if the percentage of loyal fans was consistent acroo all platforms, Sony would still have the most because of math

boyyzackk29d ago

They give us lots of good stuff to talk about

Lord_Belasco29d ago

They are the Siamese cats of the gaming world.

rainslacker29d ago

Vocal maybe, but they purchase the system and games.

leoms29d ago

That's how they get what they paid for compared to another brand... ahem

Rimeskeem29d ago

It’s easy to be most vocal when there are more you them.

bluefox75529d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Most numerous, more people are understandably more vocal than fewer people. If you were to somehow measure "vocalness" per capita, I think you'd get a different result.

kreate29d ago

I agree w bluefox.

Also I like to add that the ps3 got a lot of hate from fanboys where the X1 didnt get, and the PS3 trumps the X1 by a big margin.

If the ps3 did what the X1 did, it would of died a horrible death. But we let the X1 slide. Double standard. So where is the true brand loyalty?

SyntheticForm29d ago

I'm only loyal to games and to some degree, developers.

Imalwaysright28d ago


I joined N4g in 2007 and you're full of shit.

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neutralgamer199229d ago (Edited 29d ago )

We the playstation nation do represent well simple as that. Sony hasn't changed they have been about gamers and games

Other companies do well than struggle Sony has kept at it because they understand AAA must have exclusives sell consoles. Without showing anything, without talking a lot Ps5 news has dominated and we don't know that much about it. To some this survey maybe a negative but loyalty is earned through hard work and dedication. Sony is the only company that hasn't depended on same 3-4 IP's. And they are not afraid to mix it up

29d ago
AspiringProGenji29d ago

That’a cute Genkins. Talk about brainwashing when you only put to games that scored lower than the rest. You don’t have enough balls to put the rest of the games that scored better than those xbox games

Stay mad 💁🏼‍♂️

BLizardXD29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

loyalty also leads to discrediting. so the notion of "earning respect" having any substance is debunked.
you can make great games and still not earn anything. not if the fanbase is at fault for not giving credit.

telekineticmantis29d ago


There are definitely some Franchises that Sony ignored that irks me, but how does Genkins ignore that Microft has been releading the the same rotation of Games for the last 2 Gens?

King_Noctis29d ago

“ We the playstation nation”


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NeoGamer23229d ago

True. Loyalty is earned, but companies are never anyone's friend.

And I do believe that Sony has shipped the best games this generation by far. But, that doesn't give them a right to just take my money going forward. It is an input into my future game/console choices.

babadivad28d ago

I have zero loyalty to any corporation. When a company stops providing what I like I take my money elsewhere. Simple as.

outsider162429d ago

Hail Hydra!!......oops wrong universe.

USMC_POLICE29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

I was diehard PlayStation 1/2/3/ start of 4. Changed to Xbox as my primary and will be doing so next gen unless a socom or killzone are announced. Sony had no good racing game on ps4 for years, they killed socom. They didn’t have any back complat. Ps now was a joke at the start and isn’t that much better now. The controllers died quick and had less variety. They were so against cross play for a no real reason. They killed off resistance, released GT sport a mess. Yes Spider-Man and bloodbourne are absolutely amazing along with the others, however if you don’t like third person action games they don’t have much else.

Xbox was a dumpster fire at launch, yet they cleaned house had racing games. You could play your old games, cross play, and even came out with a legit mid cycle upgrade.You can get dozens of kinds of controllers or elite ones. Game pass will do what stadia wants to do.

I’ve already been saving for both but unless PS5 has some variety at launch I’ll probably start with Xbox. Eventually I’ll have both, I just think Xbox struggling to catch up this gen, has made way more consumer friendly and focused decisions.

And yes I have a pc with a 2080 also but the X was way better than the pro for power.

Z50128d ago

"I was die-hard Playstation 1/2/3 start of 4"
"They didn't have any back complat"

So what were you playing your PS3 games on for the last 5 years?
*also, Cerny said in Feb of 2013, the PS4 wouldn't have BC, yet you bought one anyway...

TFJWM28d ago

You would rather play Xbox games on PC but you would buy that system first when you can already play all of MS games on PC?

DigitallyAfflicted29d ago

Not much of the loyalty more of a smart decision. If you can only afford to have one console the you going to chose wisely.

And PlayStation most of the time is that 1 console

Wolf87329d ago

I am not sure if I would call it being loyal, but I simply have to have a PlayStaion in the collection. I have other consoles too, but they don't demand precedence from me. For example, if an Xbox and a PS console were to release the same day; I'd choose PS and wait for Xbox. Simply because since days of PSX, Sony has given us quality content and their range of IPs meshes with what I like and prefer for my gaming needs. Not that I don't enjoy enjoy my Nintendo(s) for instance, they have great fun games. However, I know with PS I'm covered at most fronts and can expect variety.

Juvia29d ago

Man, look at all the fake down votes to Genji's comment

It's a fine reminder that while PS has the most loyal fans, XBox has the most dishonest ones.

super_bruno28d ago

We don't need a study to know that just a run through the N4G comment section.

rand028d ago

I’m loyal to good games. PlayStation 4 has more of those than my Xbox One, so I find myself playing PS4 and praising its games and brand way more. It’s that simple.

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2pacalypsenow29d ago ShowReplies(2)
Echo_29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

A survey isn't required to know this. It's very obvious.

telekineticmantis29d ago

PlayStation is the most Fan Loyal Brand.

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PlatinumKing198229d ago

Well they do keep givin the players what they want in a video game console, top quality games. So well deserved id say.

Ricegum29d ago ShowReplies(1)
CaptainObvious87829d ago

I'm def loyal to Sony. I can safely buy a ps5 day 1 with complete faith sony is going to give great support through the entire generation.

The most BLINDLY loyal fans, though? The fans that for some reason keeps supporting a company that is always spouting empty promises and almost never delivering? Well no prize for guessing who they are.

darthv7229d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Considering that 'nothing' is ever certain. What you just described as your reasons for getting the PS5 could be seen as blind loyalty. you havent even seen it or know anything about it and yet you say without pause that you are safely buying a PS5 day 1.

And then go on to discredit those who support the opposition as being blindly loyal fans as well when (again) you don't know that. Your bias, not your loyalty, is obvious there captain.

Kiwi6629d ago

Yet that company that you're obviously talking about is slightly ahead of Nintendo in this survey so they must've done something right

chiefJohn11729d ago (Edited 29d ago )

14 and 15 was pretty empty even Sony admitted this. Ijs not every gamer is obsessed with SP exclusives like some of you. Just because you like burgers don't make chick fila fans "blindly loyal."

akbennyewu28d ago

My shares in said company allow me to look at it in a must different lens, and through that lens I can assure you I am very, very happy with their performance the last 4 years.

wheresmymonkey28d ago

Really. I'm guessing you don't remember how utterly disastrous the ps3 launch was then, Giant Crab anyone?
Or that zinger they played with the PS4 when they got away with charging for online features, mainly because MS blew the reveal of the XOne, the outright lies about how powerful both the PS2 and 3 were. how they told devs to just get used to coding for it despite the fact that by limiting certain parts of the cell processor to save costs it created a ton of bottlenecks which resulted in the PS3 almost always having inferior ports despite it technically being a beefier machine than the 360.

And that's before we get into the whole debacle of their handhelds great devices hamstrung by a dearth of first-party support and Sony's insistence on using expensive sony made memory cards.

I'm not saying the other two any better. But Sony certainly have made their own fair share of empty promises and under-delivering.

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rainslacker29d ago

They've done enough over the years for me to have faith that they will keep delivering. I'd say that makes me loyal. I don't see why it's a bad thing to be loyal to a company that continuously provides me with what I'm looking for. Sony has their faults and makes mistakes from time to time, but overall, they do what they have to do to keep me happy as a customer.

Dovergamer28d ago (Edited 28d ago )


"Well they (SONY) do keep giving the players what they want in a video game console, top quality games. So well deserved id say."

It's not loyalty. It's more than that. It is recognition and TRUST. It is TRUST in all the entirety. Sony focuses on a constant delivery without stopping. Sony delivers instead of promising ted talks of pulp fiction. Sony focuses on the delivery and the raw game play instead of hyping with dubious performance.

This TRUST is gained by hard work, with effort, risks, losses and groundbreaking discoveries in game play design through long term investments. Sony established the idea of the exclusive single player and the importance of replay value. Sony wants people to extricate all the fun out of their investments in the GAMES.

This culture, the Japanese, understands the importance of labor, work, perfection, precision, exactness, dedication, tenacity, testing and retro feedback. They deliver and then they believe. It is about MAKE BELIEVE. This is why Sony earned RESPECT. Who doesn't want to have employees where they are proud of the work they do each day? Who doesn't want games that shows off artistic values and break through game play? Who doesn't want more value for their money?

Sony ANSWERS. How? Their EXCLUSIVE GAMES. They do fan service, they do remakes, they hear what we want and they multiply our expectations. Is it enough to mention Horizon Zero Dawn & Frozen Wilds, God of War 4, Spider Man, Bloodborne, Uncharted and the legacy of The Last of Us?

How Sony answers? The Last of Us 2, Ghost of Tsushima, Dreams among others. They tell you, tell me, tell everybody that their console support matters. They don't cut off their chances or get busy producing puff pieces daily. Sony means business with the GAMES. This is the business we want and we already had since the PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4 and now PS5. They follow their road, they understand the market and of course their ear listen to what we are up to.

Loyalty is temporary, TRUST endures the times. Sony earned trust because behind them there is not a piece of plastic. Behind them there is WORK, SWEAT, DAYS without SLEEPING, DEADLINES that worth every bone effort. There is EMPATHY with their CLIENTS, US. There is a relationship almost familiar and a way to foster such relationship. Why should WE turn our back and "question" this so called loyalty when they almost sacrificed all their wealth for a set of outstanding products that we enjoy today?

Sony. Yes, I have reason to support them because THEY ARE PROUD OF THEMSELVES AND THE EFFORT THEY MADE. These are the qualities that we want on our products, and the services. Is it for better or worse? Is it for what we stand for? I think that Sony PROVED themselves over and over and over and over again.

The PS5 will be more of the same. Yes, QUALITY, GAMES, DELIVERY. We will not be tired of this, EVER.

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IRetrouk29d ago

I think they have earned it, no? They have been pretty consistant with their support and development of games and consoles, probably better than any other console maker so far has, atleast for me anyway.

PlatinumKing198229d ago

I don’t understand the downvotes because you are right . I mean we buy consoles for games . I know I never bought mine for apps and stuff my tv can do . New quality games is all I want from a console .

Traecy29d ago Show
travestyj29d ago

It's xbox fans using bots. They don't have the numbers so they have to fake support for Xbox on this site with fake votes. Seen it happen quite a few times. Seen positive Playstation comments get over 100 downvotes in under an hour which is unprecedented.

IRetrouk29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

I dont know man, maybe they feel Nintendo or microsoft have done a better job at what I listed, or maybe someones hit me with a vote bot🥺🤣it's all relative to the person anyway🤷‍♂️

CaptainObvious87829d ago

You speak the truth, but for some reason you're getting a lot of disagrees.

I can only assume there's a salty child around here with a few bots.

IRetrouk29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

I dont mind to be honest, some will obviously think different to me and that's cool, would be a boring world if everyone agreed on everything 🤗 the vote bots deff get used on here at times though, but that's ok too, if someone needs that because they cant handle a different view then so be it, they can downvote away🤣

darthv7229d ago (Edited 29d ago )

This may be just me but I think you are getting disagrees because you have the word "no" after the initial statement of "I think they have earned it"

Meaning some may be seeing it as you dont think they have earned it. I could be wrong but I had to read it a few times to see you actually do think they earned it. It's all about the punctuation and perception of phrasing.

IRetrouk29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

I dont know about that man, it's a pretty basic way to give a statement and also ask if people agree/disagree.
I started my comment with I think, then put a comma between my statement and the word no and then followed that with the question mark, i then gave my reason for why i think they have earned it, I dont see how its confusing.

rainslacker28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

I think whenever we see an exceptional number of downvotes, often doubling or tripling the number of upvotes, it's probably someone using a bot. Not always, but given the topic and the typical ratios we see for these kinds of topics, it is not the norm.

I doubt one word would cause such a reaction from the other side of the fanbase.

It only takes one person without much to do to go through all the effort. I dont get it, but some people think it's a productive use of their time, instead of just making a comment.

Kribwalker29d ago

i think it could be because it’s all your opinion. To me, i’ve owned every nintendo but the WiiU, and up until the 360, nintendo was the first console i’d buy every gen. To me, their games over the generations have far outclassed any other. But that’s my personal opinion, and people won’t agree with that either

IRetrouk29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

It could be krib, I even wrote as much in my first and second comment, but it could also be vote bots, which happens a fair bit around here, it's just one of those things man🤷‍♂️ yeah nintendo is deff up there with me too, just didnt like as many of their games or consoles as I did sonys, again it's all relative to the person man.

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