I Built a Tiny Gaming PC for About the Price of a Console

At just 15cm tall and 8cm wide, this small gaming PC build might not have the might of an RTX-powered machine, but it's damn capable for its size and price.

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wolf58125d ago

Yeah OK.... Nice sarcasm there... The OK means
360$ for a tiny gaming pc.... Which still cant No.. Cant even imagine to run games like gow, lou2, uncharted 4,horizon zero dawn like the Base ps4 model at... 290$ even after all these years... Thats why we say gaming Consoles and no gaming pc. And what gaming pc...they lost all the AAA exclusives with the Best graphics engines from the Master Race era.... Half life, doom, far cry, crysis, quake, unreal tournament... So OK

iammason24d ago

I don't see Half Life Alyx coming to PS4 🧐
Enjoy paying to play online 😊

Hungryalpaca24d ago

It can’t run games that aren’t released on it? Yet games that are run better?


BayAreaBird24d ago

You know, there are more games to play than "exclusives" for different platforms. Not everyone needs to play AAA title games to enjoy games. Also, "they lost all the AAA exclusives with the Best graphics engines from the Master Race era", clearly, you have no idea what we have to scale back to get games looking great but still keep the game running at 60fps. PCs handle intense graphics no problem, even if it has $290 worth of components.

Silly gameAr24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

How did a guy saying ok, make so many people so mad, that they felt like they had to defend the PC's honor from those pesky console peasants? lmao.

Babadook724d ago

Ps4 has far better bang for the buck. Better graphics AND cheaper. I don’t see who this unit is for.

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RazzerRedux25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

"I Built a Tiny PC"

Fixed. That is NOT a gaming PC. It is just a tiny PC. This isn't even gaming related at all.

SegaGamer25d ago

There is no such thing as a gaming pc.

RazzerRedux25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

Yes there is. It is the difference between a PC that can play some games and a PC that was built specially for playing games.

edit: Christopher explains better below.

Christopher25d ago

I get where you are coming from, but 100% disagree. You would specifically buy memory, CPU, MB, and GPU based on its ability to support and run game engines and technologies that you wouldn't for other uses of the PC. "Build a PC for gaming" is the same as "build a gaming PC". By your logic, people "build a car for racing" and not "build a race car".

SirBruce25d ago

Ok... but admit it, there are "No gaming PCs".

Hungryalpaca24d ago

So there’s no such thing as a race car? What about a dump truck? No? Just car and truck? Not built to do anything specific?

Jon_Targaryen24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

My I5 4690K, 16GB of DDR3 2600 RAM and 1080Ti isnt a gaming PC.. you're right, its for Google chrome.

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kryteris25d ago

you dishonor pc master race.


@sir Bruce ok my desktop workstation shits all over your games consoles at playing games

Christopher25d ago

$250 Xbox One X (common price for the console) performs way better than that.

CuVe24d ago

X one x is more like $450 but yes it is way faster. This is not a gaming pc.

24d ago
Christopher24d ago

Xbox One X has gone on sale regularly since January 2019 for $250. It's what I paid for mine.

Nitrox24d ago


I call bullsh*** unless you’re talking about something other than USD for the currency.

I think your mistaking the one S. Or... you got one hell of a deal, in which case congrats.

This is not a common sale price for the X

BillyG0AT24d ago

The One X was on sale at £250 a few weeks back in the UK

Christopher24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

I am using the '$', what currency do you think I'm talking about?

And the One S is normally below $250 for a while now, so why would it be a 'deal' to get it for that price?

And I got the same deal everyone else did on the Google Store (which comes up every two or so months there) as well as what people got for half of December last year. The console, like the One S, has reached its "lowest point" that it seems MIcrosoft wants to get to for sale prices. One S is $199, one X is $250.

Vits25d ago

If we are being generous that can be called a entry level gaming PC. However is a build more oriented for a HTPC to be honest. It would work eSports games. But for anything more graphically intensive it wouldn't be a very good experience unless you are looking for 720p/30fps on low.

At this point I think you are better off getting either the PS4 or XOne basic models. They will cost you less and will play games better. Or for more or less the same value you can get a Xbox One X that will blow this small PC out of the water.