Game Positive: Wii Music Review

Game Positive writes: "If you have an interest in the music provided and don't mind participating in what amounts to a MIDI synthesizer with motion interaction, then Wii Music could be worth a try.

With games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band dominating the music and rhythm genre, Wii Music serves as a potentially refreshing alternative that removes the emphasis on scores and places it on creativity. You may randomly stumble across some truly fun moments in Wii Music, but most of its potential has gone unreached, as the game lacks a decent soundtrack, creative control, and overall depth. Like Wii Fit before it, Wii Music serves better as an introduction to its subject matter, rather than a fully-fledged game."

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ChickeyCantor3676d ago

"don't mind participating in what amounts to a MIDI synthesizer "

Seriously, STFU, if you don;t know anything about MIDI than don't even mention it.
MIDI is not by definition the poor quality output when you play a Midi in Windows (or any other media player).

Midi = Musical Instrument Digital Interface.
Meaning that it only recieves and sends Data for music.
The instruments you hear in Wii-music or in windows ( or from your Telephone ringtone) are defined by SoundBanks.
Professional Soundbanks can take up to 100 gigs.
While windows uses a soundbank of 3mb, containing about 130 instruments.( go figure how few data each instrument has).
And SO is Wii-music.

Almost every music is made by using Midi.
Midi can also controll stuff like Volume, pitch, program data. etc etc. It's the software and hardware that pushes boundaries, using Midi as their "gateway".

...*sigh*... Why did i even type that out >_>...