A PS4 Strategy For PS5 May Not Work Against Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X versus PS5 may be a much different situation than Xbox One versus PS4 seven years ago.

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Gazondaily517d ago

Yep. Sony had the gen handed to it on a silver platter. It would take some colossal failings for MS to have a repeat of the blunders that marred this gen and the launch of the Xbox One.

This gen is a whole different ball game. Shit is about to get real.

crazyCoconuts517d ago

I hope so. Not a fun race to watch when the competition is getting lapped.

Gazondaily517d ago

Yeah agreed. MS will not beat Sony by any margin in terms of sales worldwide but getting back the US and UK would be great for them.

The run up to the next gen already has a very different mood to the one this gen. A lot more confidence, a lot more studios, a lot more variety and awareness about not being out of position in terms of power or price...this one will be interesting that's for sure.

umair_s51517d ago

Agreed Xbox one launch was a disaster

Muzikguy517d ago

Meh, I don't mind. MS denied it all along anyway to play it off as if they weren't.

UltraNova517d ago

Oh man the wishful thinking is off the charts here. Its gonna be real funny next gen.

kreate516d ago

Ppl being over dramatic. With that kind of attitude, we will never see the glory of the 360 days.

We all know Xbox is a continuous failure. Without the outcry and criticism, MS just cant get right. We have to do the right thing and address its issues, not pretend and give MS a participation trophy for simply being in the game.

Remember, MS has more money than Sony. They should also be held to a higher standard, not a lower standard.

fiveby9516d ago

PS has a huge advantage. Install base. Many will not switch platforms unless some major blunder occurs. For myself, I will own both consoles as I did this gen.

TheEnigma313516d ago

it was very fun and amusing.

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Obscure_Observer517d ago

No sure about "the same strategy". So far, Playstation under Yoshida (CEO) and Ryan seems a completely different brand to me.

Gazondaily517d ago

Sony haven't really revealed their hand yet so its very premature to opine about a brand change. February will most likely have the PS reveal and I expect it to be strong. It would be crazy if the PS5 turned out to be more powerful than the XSX too.

Obscure_Observer517d ago


"Sony haven't really revealed their hand yet so its very premature to opine about a brand change."

Premature? No, I don´t think so. Since Yoshida and Ryan took over:

New censorship policy in place.
Early Access
EA Access
Partnership with Microsoft
Playstation games on PC
MBL on consoles
Less focus on new IPs
More focus on succesful IPs/sequels
Renewed focus on MP games (which doesn´t translate in less SP games)
A new initiative regarding indie devs and games
Big and mainstream gaming events are not a priority anymore

Lots of changes if you ask me, and those are just some examples that came out of the top of my head.

Good or bad decisions/changes, time will tell.

Gazondaily517d ago

Well you do highlight some good points.

The Playstation 5 reveal will be the big tell. Really excited to see the beast finally revealed.

sprinterboy517d ago

Comment of the day 🤣😂🤣 28514;

Mithan517d ago Show
darthv72517d ago (Edited 517d ago )

@mithan, there is no doubt that Sony watches the things MS does and takes the successful ones and puts their own spin on them. Like having themed systems this gen is akin to like how MS had so many themed 360 systems last gen. Same with controller designs and now paid subscription model for online play.

I'm betting next gen Sony will make changes to PSNow to add new releases like how GP does. Sony became more aggressive this gen in regards to getting those 3rd party deals (like MS did the previous gen). To see what Sony will do next is to see what MS does first. If its successful, you can bet Sony will follow suit.

crazyCoconuts517d ago

@obscure, I have to disagree with a lot of your observations. Obviously they're moving away from E3, but their focus on original IP remains. Horizon ZD and Days Gone, Dreams, and lots more. They have continued to innovate and take risks with their games. And still not putting a lot into Multiplayer. Last of Us cut MP out even. And Sony was courting Indies since launch of PS4. Not a lot of changes actually, just a few adjustments SO FAR at least

Christopher517d ago (Edited 517d ago )

***Less focus on new IPs
More focus on succesful IPs/sequels***


Days Gone, exclusive Spider-Man game, Ghost of Tsushima, Dreams, Horizon Zero Dawn


MLB The Show, Uncharted, God of War, The Last of Us Part 2

I'd argue they focused on sequels/older IPs at the launch, but they've definitely explored other avenues since then.

***Renewed focus on MP games (which doesn´t translate in less SP games)***

Not seeing it. I mean, I think they do need to get back on that, but I'm not seeing it. I'm seeing the opposite.

***A new initiative regarding indie devs and games***

Which happens every generation. Happened with PS3, with PS4, and now with PS5. People just assume it's a negative thing because it's new. No one knows yet.

***Big and mainstream gaming events are not a priority anymore***

E3 isn't mainstream (it's focused on journalists) nor is it a "gaming event" as it's an entertainment expo. Let alone that they are holding an actual gaming event in NY and likely other areas, I'd rate this highly disingenuous to say just because they're not at E3 but are at other things.

***Its funny, because Sony is trying to be more like Microsoft in some ways.***

I'd say smart, not funny. Funny would be them trying to deny it. I wish both companies would keep on stealing the good ideas from each other regularly. Xbox latest UI changes are a huge advancement on Sony's UI and I'd love to see Sony steal from Microsoft now for UI design (and would love to see themes hit XBO).

TKCMuzzer517d ago (Edited 517d ago )

@ Observer
No offence but your comments are utter nonsense, made up in your head. This year alone Sony is releasing two new IP's. We had Days Gone last year, we've had Horizon Zero dawn. We are getting a follow up to one of the best games made and we had a complete remake from the ground up of a classic franchise, that was fantastic. We had Spiderman, which was to notch. Your spouting crap about single players games.
Yet what are Xboxes like yourself going on about for the launch of X series...........bloody Halo, a franchise milked to death by Microsoft.
It's like you turn a blind eye just so you can kiss MS ass. If Sony had been as lazy with 1st party support as MS have been I would be giving them grief whether I like PlayStation or not.
Plus your concept of a 'big event' just proves how out of touch you are. Last year Sony released a trailer around E3 announcing the release date of " Death Stranding" which garnered ridiculous attention.
What did MS do? What do you remember? .........Keanu Reeves, oh the irony, Keanu Reeves, promoting a game which will sell better on another platform and now, rumoured can't even run on the console made by the company who probably paid for him to turn up exclusively at their presentation.

DPO516d ago (Edited 516d ago )

"PlayStation games no PC"...fake news

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Thundercat77517d ago

Sony has the worst time with the PS3 and still manage to surpass Xbox on that generation.

If Xbox couldn't beat PlayStation at its worst, they have no chance to do it now.

Gazondaily517d ago

No one is talking about surpassing Sony worldwide. Just a couple of regions.

And you should remember that even at that time, NO ONE anticipated Xbox besting Sony for so long. Sony had a whole generation's advantage over Xbox at a pivotal time.

Xbox as a brand is looking solid and is a far cry from what it looked like earlier this gen when many questioned whether it would even have another round.

darthv72517d ago

you dont have to beat someone to win support of the people. Sega never beat Nintendo but they did go on to garner lots of support and respect. PS is a global brand and Xbox is not (or so many say).

PS2 beat Xbox 6x-1
PS3 beat 360 but not by much so basically 1-1
PS4 is beating XBO by only 2.5x-1

So MS must be doing something right this gen than in their first. Especially for NOT being a global brand.

517d ago
Christopher517d ago

"If Xbox couldn't beat PlayStation at its worst, they have no chance to do it now."

Disagree. Times change and so does the market. It's Sony's lead to lose, and they can lose it by making the wrong moves. Microsoft is doing pretty well front loading their potential with the next generation. Sony is just coasting on what they have now so far. I wouldn't put Sony in that Win column just yet. Microsoft obviously doesn't want to give up.

516d ago
jznrpg515d ago (Edited 515d ago )

@darthv72 Xbox may win some support back but they have to deliver first , there’s been too many broken promises and for a lot of us they have burned too many bridges . This last gen was so bad why and they have the worst PR spin like Most Powerful , Bestest ever Holiday lineup. Sony’s message is games and they deliver . MS has been all over the place with Kinect, Cloud , Online 24 hrs no online 24 hrs 1 billion dollars worth of Xb1 games but nothing too notable

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CaptainHenry916517d ago (Edited 517d ago )

Microsoft have already failed. Well one is the series X won't have any exclusives (only for the series X) at launch and the other is you can play all of Xbox exclusives on the OG Xbox One now. Forward and backwards compatibility at full effect. Shit is about to definitely get real at launch for one of the consoles :)

darthv72517d ago

They are smart to keep the xbo in the loop with these launch games. It is pretty common that the first year (or more) of a platforms life is filled with games that were more than capable of running on the prior platform. Heavenly Sword was a PS2 game initially but was moved to the PS3 because Sony needed titles for the launch. Same with games like Kameo on 360, it was initially an xbox game. It happens but why cut off the existing (larger) install base when they can support both and give the consumer the choice of when they want to upgrade? Chances are they will upgrade when they are ready, not when the mfg tells them they must in order to play (insert game here)

IRetrouk517d ago (Edited 517d ago )

Not every launch game is made targeting the older tech, some are, which is fine, but lets not forget the games that were moved from one gen to the next because they just couldn't get them running on the older hardware, the getaway springs to mind straight away, not all games have to be next gen only, but there are always some made with the newer consoles in mind, i think it's a mistake not to have any at all, but we will see, also your heavenly sword info is completely off,

"Heavenly Sword began development in 2002 with footage of the original PC version published on TeamXbox in 2004. It had, at one time, been up and running on an earlyXbox 360 prototype, but this was abandoned in favor of the PlayStation 3 when the title was picked up by SCEE."

TheEnigma313516d ago

exactly. to play hellblade 2 you won't even need a series x to play it.

517d ago
nucky64517d ago

"Sony had the gen handed to it on a silver platter." - are you talking about last gen or now - as in MS announcing no seriesX exclusives for 1-2 years?

OB1Biker516d ago (Edited 516d ago )

Yea it's amazing people still giving the poor xb1 reveal in 2013 excuse for the incredibly low success they have many years later.

tinchotin517d ago (Edited 517d ago )

Xbox series X is making mistakes like Xbox one did or worse.
No next gen games.
4 teraflops base console. Wtf?
Exclusives on gamepass for 1 USD. Not viable for quality games.
Still no new succesfull IP.

Also Sony releasing 4 heavy hitters in 2020.
FF7, TLOU2, Ghost of tsushima, Dreams.

Xbox has not even one selling point over PS5.

Which platform you think gamers are going to choose?

boing1517d ago

I believe that current-gen was super important and champion for next-gen is already set. Sony would have to massively screw up something to lose its position with PS5. Nothing will change probably, whatever MS comes up with.

stuna1517d ago

This^ As far as gaming goes many gamers that went over to the Xbox side of gaming and even those who were initially Xbox gamers to begin with were left with a bad taste in their mouths from this gen, one can surmise that the majority of them will be unwilling to experience the same sort of circumstances again no matter what including so called power advantages.

The thing is when you make promises and you keep those promises, you'll be more apt to keep a healthy and growing fanbase, but the second you start breaking promises or neglecting your fanbase the exact opposite will happen, your fanbase will become anemic and start shrinking.

The truth is us commenters on N4G are not even a blip in the grand scheme of console and software sales, we like to think we have it all figured out, but then again we're not running these companies either.

sprinterboy517d ago

It wasn't handed to them, they had to dedicate billions of hours of dev time, resources, pressure, stress, all things business in making great games like gow, spiderman etc.
It wasn't handed to them, although MS did shoot themselves in the foot like a Day 1 American cop lol.

SierraGuy517d ago

What kind of alternate universe do you live in?

WickedLester517d ago

When it comes to Xbox, so many fans have such a false sense of relevancy for their platform. It took an absolute perfect storm of bad decisions by Sony to even allow the 360 the modicum of success it enjoyed. Even still, the worst selling Playstation ended up surpassing MS' best selling Xbox when all was said and done. If Sony had launched PS3 in the same window as 360 at the same price, the results wouldve been similar to this generation's. Series X will sell about the same as the X1. It will max out at around 40-50 million units sold. Of course that's still not bad. But all the "shit is about to get real.." talk from you, dude just stop. Enjoy your platform and dont worry about it being a perennial 3rd place finisher in sales. MS just got lapped by the Switch for gods sake.

darthv72517d ago (Edited 517d ago )

And they both got beat by the Wii.... go figure.

And since you like to speak in hypotheticals... if the PS3 launched on time with the 360 it likely wouldnt have had the bluray drive which is the main factor for its price and release. If Sony did go that route it would have fared much better, especially considering the bulk of games never actually used the capacity of the BD format.

MS doesn't have to 'beat' Sony. They just have to beat themselves.

rainslacker517d ago (Edited 517d ago )

I think MS can do better next gen. But it's going to come down to delivering games that entice people to actually buy the system. They're setting themselves up for that now, but it won't be something like MS will be selling loads of consoles out of the gate. It'll build gradually, and if they play their cards right, they'll have the good faith of the consumer as the generation goes on.

They just have to stay focused, and not decide some new path halfway through the gen. MS, as a company, changes their strategies all the time. Sometimes in reaction to new emerging markets, sometimes for no logical reason(or at least not logical for the consumer's benefit). I mean, even now, the whole companies directive on services is based on cloud services being huge in the future, and is something that really started getting pushed after Nadella took over. Most people that talk about MS here have no clue what they're like outside gaming, but even Xbox's changes this gen are part of a larger effort by MS, and not being created because Spencer is some sort of genius finding new ways to get gamers, but rather, finding ways to work Xbox into the vision that Nadella has been very vocal about for the future of MS as a whole.

Of course, if you point this out, it's bad, and I'll likely get disagrees and people arguing with me about it. But there is nothing inherently wrong with the change they're doing. It's just that this gen, they didn't have the basics down to a point to support a change, because they were changing while neglecting more important things.

Muzikguy517d ago

Sony doesn't need to change their strategy. The idea that one constantly needs to change is part of why they fail. I mean, look at MS for that near perfect example. Forbes and so many other sites really seem to want to let everyone know that MS is changing again. That's great for them, but all these are trying to paint doom and gloom for Sony when that just isn't going to happen. They're covering their bases and doing what's most important... delivering the games.

darthv72517d ago

True Sony doesnt necessarily change their strategy but they do take influence from what is successful for MS.

Godmars290517d ago

" It would take some colossal failings for MS to have a repeat of the blunders that marred this gen and the launch of the Xbox One."

You mean like releasing games that justify the mainstream market buying your next system at least two years after said system? Cause that sounds like - another - shot yourself in the foot before things even start moment.

" A lot more confidence"

Pretty sure MS did nothing display confidence with things like Milo and Crackdown 3. The XB1 launch.

darthv72517d ago

The soon to be released games are going to take some advantage of the newly released hardware, but rather than limit them to only that platform they know many may still be inclined to hold off on getting an SX. Everyone knows the real meat and potatoes of a platform dont start showing up until at least a year after. Pretty much all lauch era games are ones that were initially planned for the former platform.

It's a smart move and does not alienate the existing users at all while being freely open for those who want to upgrade, they know they will play the better version because of the better hardware by default. It may not sell as many units of the SX (initially) but it does sell units of software and entices those to decide if getting an SX to play the better version is worth it.

Godmars290517d ago (Edited 517d ago )

" Everyone knows the real meat and potatoes of a platform dont start showing up until at least a year after."

Two years.

For at least two years MS will have a system out that wont offer reason to buy it except for playing old games at better frame rates and possibly upscaled graphics. That's not going to give them any kind of traction outside of their current user base.

It also something that no console maker before has ever done. Certainly not one in a trailing sales position.

rainslacker517d ago

I think MS blunders this gen, not just the reveal, will carry over into the next gen. They didn't build much faith in the brand this gen outside their already loyal fan base, and some of their fan base seemed less than enthused about their performance this gen. Starting next gen, or maybe this year, MS will start rebuilding those bridges, and over time, it will help them out, but I have a feeling the stigma is going to remain going into next gen. The console war will make sure to point it out at every oppurtunity no doubt.

MS has to play the long game either way though, and starting with a strong output of games, and probably good services to a lesser extent, they can manage to rebuild their credibility. I know you and a few others like to go on about how they've righted the ship, but I don' think that perception has carried over into the general populace.

TKCMuzzer517d ago

Its still an uphill battle for MS. Yes they handed Sony last gen but the problem they now have is all those customers who are now in the PlayStation ecosystem. Lets be honest, the vast majority of gamers are going to buy only one console at launch and its pretty safe to safe to say it will be the follow on model from the one they already have, due to accessories and games.
To be fair, unless MS release anything just for series X, its going to be a hard sell again.I won't fork out £500 unless they are going to give me something unique to that console.

jlove4life516d ago (Edited 516d ago )

Different ball game same results it may be true series x a bit more powerful but it's also rumored ps5 sad tech will run faster doing all generations of backward compatibility and will have exclusive games made for ps5 xbox will learn it doesn't matter if you got a race car if you only drive speed limit not to mention 100 million ps4 users studies show playstation fans are most loyal so different ball game chess match whatever you want to call it the result will be playstation the winner by alot copy this and reread while wiping tears after hearing famous words again Microsoft not releasing sale numbers

Kakashi Hatake516d ago

MS reversed the policies before launch. How would that be the sole reason PS4 did so well? Sony has been consistent with exclusives and MS hasn't been. Not to mention Playstation is just a more popular brand worldwide. Never understood the reveal excuse when XOne is within 5 million units of PS4 in the States. Sounds like consumers have forgiven MS for the reveal, MS just has a lower ceiling.

DarXyde516d ago

We know very little about Sony's strategy going into next generation.

If Sony comes out again and completely dominate the market, that does not necessarily mean Microsoft's strategy was bad. It could just be that Sony goes into it with clairvoyance.

TheEnigma313516d ago

yes real like the previous gens for MS. It will be at least a 2:1 ratio again.

milohighclub516d ago

@septic. First of all, no exclusives for 2 years, no decent exclusives full stop = sony best be worried.

Explain the other 3 generations where sony dominated if this one was handed to them?

quenomamen516d ago

Is that Cranberry or Grape flavored MS Juice your drinking ?

Rude-ro516d ago

I do not think it will... I think Microsoft did not shoot themselves on the foot, they shot their feet off..
Not financially... it is just a lot of gamers built PCs... < from both camps.. but the things is, it is confirmed and now historically a good idea to not only wait and see what Microsoft actually delivers, but to just get the games on pc.

Going 8 years with no new game engines, no real interesting AAA ips, and with the news that the base Xbox one is still going to be a factor(Ie same old game engines).. nothing to get excited about,

Yes, “Fans” like you and the media army will try to make a fight relevant... it just really will not work UNLESS Microsoft is doubling the power of the ps5 for far better frame rates and pixels counts that the ps5 can not even compete with.

516d ago
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fonger08517d ago

Competition is good for the industry.

517d ago Replies(2)
aaronaton517d ago

Yeh between Sony and Nintendo.

The Wood517d ago (Edited 517d ago )

Good competition is good for the industry.....just turning up or participating isn't...

How is going through pretty much a whole gen with less usp's than the gen before commendable or classed as competition. How many new ips did ms launch this many game of the year contenders all gen? People bemoan Don but the xbox had some of it's best years ever under his tenure. I just don't get it.

Godmars290517d ago

The right kind is good. MS's focus has been internet infrastructure, the monitization if not outright monopolization of it, rather than gaming for some time.

TheEnigma313516d ago

MS was never comp for Sony except for the 360 days.

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isarai517d ago

I disagree, games speak loudest, and if there's one thing Sony does well it's their 1st party exclusives whereas MS has always had a problem there. They have taken the necessary steps to help that but they have a lot to prove before they can even rival what Sony and Nintendo have accomplished for decades. Not saying they cant, just saying it's still a very uphill battle at this point.

Gazondaily517d ago

I dont see why it's SO uphill. They've got a great number of studios; something they never had with a variety of titles at their disposal. That doesnt guarantee success sure but it does erupt Xbox with the best chance to deliver on the exclusive front.

At the same time, let's not over-state the importance of exclusives either. We've seen just where gamers put their money.

THC CELL517d ago (Edited 517d ago )

They got studios that was failing or already arse lickers
You Xbox fans are really easy pleased

The Wood517d ago (Edited 517d ago )

'At the same time, let's not over-state the importance of exclusives either. We've seen just where gamers put their money. '


If exclusives weren't one of the top 3 reasons people chose a console over another the xbox would be very close to the ps4. Exclusives are very important, always have been, always will be and that includes services too. It's not like xbox fans don't cap hard for GP like it's the game changer so why wouldn't consistent exclusive content be in that bracket? The thing with services though is that they can be easily replicated. Quality exclusive ips aren't that easy to copy or every brand would have an equivalent to Mario, Gears, God of war...... I think you're understating their relevance by claiming where gamers spend their p. Again, if exclusives were so overstated why isn't Microsoft closer to sony as they have the same multi + GP ? Why do you think the xbox will be overtaken by Nintendo if it hasn't done so already? Nintendo don't even have access to the multis both xbox and ps do....

Chevalier517d ago

" I dont see why it's SO uphill"

Wtf? It's pretty easy to see why its uphill. You can talk about how many studios they have, but, can you list all the amazing games they've released all gen? You can count them on a single hand at most. Nintendo and Sony don't just talk the talk they ACTUALLY release amazing games. Until MS and Xbox studios get those GOTY candidates lined up you might not want to push the wagon before the horse.

OB1Biker516d ago

'We've seen just where gamers put their money.'
In PS4s?

TheDude42516d ago

@Septic come on man I'm gonna give you more credit then the rest probably and assume your in your late 20s early 30s I bet you got hooked on xbox with halo or gears. For me it was god of war 2 i knew i needed a ps3 for god of war 3 and nothing gonna change my mind about that. I also loved fable and bought a 360 just for fable 2. Xbox one has done NOTHING to bring that type of loyalty. Even future kid nostalgia purchases will be based on fortnight witch you can play on anything and I bet most played on playstation.

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Thundercat77517d ago

I think people forget that Xbox couldn't won against PlayStation at its worst situation (last gen) and that the best Xbox console (360) also finished last in the market.

For what I know, this new gen can get even worst for xbox.

Gazondaily517d ago

How could it get worse for Xbox?

517d ago
Gazondaily517d ago

You think forward compatibility would cause people to forsake the console completely? That's a massive stretch.

"Especially when the door is open from the get go for people to just stick with or move to PC instead"

People dont want to stick with old tech and moving to PC isn't an attractive nor viable option for everyone.

"Though I think your comment may say more than I ever could about the state of Xbox."

That makes no sense.

517d ago
Gazondaily517d ago (Edited 517d ago )

"And it was meant to be humor.. your basically saying how bad you think xbox is doing by making comments like "How could it get worse for Xbox?" That's not a statement that implies strength."

I was posing the question in response to Thundercat's statement where he said:

"For what I know, this new gen can get even worst for xbox."

I was wondering how it could get worse when compared to how it stumbled into this gen, right now it looks in a far stronger position.