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Msxbox-World writes "Mirror Edge is a valiant first effort for a new intellectual property, and DICE have the foundations here for an excellent series. Based on its own merits and what's included rather than what isn't, Mirror's Edge is a great game, although I can appreciate that not every gamer is going to "get" the philosophy behind it."

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yanikins1113677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

i know it would mean going exclusive, but i would love to see a sequal running in the kz2 engine.... that sh*t, as gwen stefani so elegantly put, would be bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S

Cue faith meeting a double crossing runner on the roof of a sky scraper. gets handed a package. As she takes it a gust of wind, the other runners chest explodes, faith ducks behind a wall. zoom out to across the city. Sniper "sh*t", into ear peice "negative kill". New orders come through. Blow the buildings. sniper and spotter look at each other in doubt. press button. building and those around it start blowing from the bottom up faith runs down two stories to a glass atrium looks up as massive crane falls through roof and lodges between the two collapsing buildings. cue sequence of running across debris as the buildings fall. i think that sequence would be awesomesauce. but thats just me.