Guardian: Mirror's Edge is Just Too Innovative For Reviewers

John from Negative Gamer writes an interesting response to an article featured in the Guardian titled "Do game reviewers really understand innovation?!"

NG writes:

"According to an article posted on Friday in the Guardian Games Blog, Mirror's Edge is getting less than perfect review scores simply because it's got too much innovation for reviewers to handle. The article by Keith Stuart titled "Do game reviewers really understand innovation?!" makes a few rather interesting claims."

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MK_Red3623d ago

Well, it seems that critics prefer cliche FPS games that take place in WW2 for the 1000th time with muddy and grey graphics and lots of explosions.

TheColbertinator3623d ago

Yeah I guess we should thank Edge for giving a 5 to the most innovative game this year.Hopefully people buy Mirrors Edge so that way I don't have to keep playing another WW2 game or another aliens vs humans generic shooter #35078

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

World War II or not, COD has way more replay value than Mirror's Edge. Multiple multiplayer modes present any player, hardcore or casual, a robust online and offline happy-fun-time shooting game. Mirrors Edge is like those abstract paintings in museums, they look like garbage to average viewers, but there are always those snooty people who think its worth more than the canvas it's painted on.

Reviewers tread along a fine line sometimes, a line that will present to them an endlessly innovative game with almost zero replay value. A first time experience is worth a 10 easily, but the overall experience is lame beyond reasoning.

Bioshock presented innovation after innovation, its single player campaign worthy of atleast one play through, but its value is nearly nil. Reviewers gave it high praise, months later the game wouldn't be touched by anyone.

Mirrors Edge presents the same polished campaign with almost no replay value whatsoever. Reviewers, knowing this, decide to give the game its deserved rating.

Deal with it people.

ChrisGTR13623d ago

scores havent been that high for this game and i can see why though. there charging 60$ for it despite it only being a one playthrough 6 hour game with no MP. they should of made this game 40$ or something. personnaly ill either rent it or get it when its cheaper. 60$ is just too much for a 6 hour game.

Dark General3623d ago

Thing is, all of this is subjective silentshank. How fun is CoD's multiplayer is defined by the person who plays it. Someone could find little to like about the fast paced twitch shooter environment that CoD is. Someone might like something a little more slowed down, less erratic and more tranquil in nature. Gagging how much entertainment someone gets from a game or any entertainment media is hard to exactly peg.

There's more to replay value than just a online component. Weather it be a time trail (like in Mirrors Edge), collectible items, branching stories and different endings. Reviews are just one opinion from a person. Some people judge and rate things based off different credentials. And as for BioShock being innovative, System Shock 2 and Dues Ex says "hi".

Danja3623d ago

I agree with you...Mirrors Edge is kinda a refreshing take on the whole FPS's a very immersive gaming experience...I haven't bought the game yet , but the Demo was amazing and im not too woried about Replay value I plan on buying the PS3 version so im garaunteed DLC..

OGharryjoysticks3623d ago

Any time a multi-platform game is superior on the PS3 it seems to only get average reviews. Hmmm, funny how these things work out.

ChrisGTR13623d ago

actually its not. 360 version has AA and ps3 version does not. go look it up if you dont believe me. this game is using the U3 engine.

OGharryjoysticks3623d ago

But why are you insulting DICE like that?

ChrisGTR13623d ago

nobody was talking about ps3 vs 360 graphics then you bring it up and say ps3 version is supperior but they gave it the same score to 360, so i corrected you. next time know what your talking about and dont just pull it out of your ass like you just did.

pwnsause3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

MK_Red is back, AKA Fallout Fanboy, and I see why! great game!! BTW I agree with that Statement, although KZ2 is going to revoultionize the way we play the FPS.

MK_Red3623d ago

Well said Steven Colbert.
SilentShank, your main point is replay value and in that regard, many reviewers including EuroGamer, GT and GameSpy commented that the game has great replay value. The time trial and other modes recieved serious praise.

Plus, multiplayer is no different than playing the same game in same levels. The point as others mentioned is in how much you enjoy the game.
Dark General said it best.

I can safely say for myself that I've had it with shooter craze of this gen and specially cliche WW2 games are no longer welcome in my book.
Thanks Danja. I'll probably get it for PS3 too because of DLC. I'm FINALLY(!) getting my PS3 next week with MK vs DC, LBP, MS2 and MGS4. Hopefully I can add ME to that list.

pwnsause, thanks my friend :)
Fallout fanboy indeed though not a fan of Fallout 3. Agreed. KZ2 is gonna be kickass.

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iamtehpwn3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

It is absolutely amazing. If anyone gives it less than a 9, they're mad. I will also be purchasing the DLC off PSN.

You also gotta give DICE credit for making such a great multiplat game on PS3.

Resistance 2 and Mirror's Edge have even put High profile games like Metal Gear Solid 4 to shame (fantastic game, but lets face it R2 and ME pwned for this) by providing a great game with few load screens a minimal 500mb install that literally installs in less then 40 seconds.

chester3623d ago

i'm infactuated with this game right now as well. i have no idea whats going on in the story through 6 chapters, i've gotten incredibly frustrated by some of the trial-and-error processes, and i don't think it has much lasting value in terms of story playthrough, but the gameplay itself, the perspective, and the rush of running on the rooftops has completely captured me and it's like nothing i've ever played before. i absolutely love it. i just finished a part where you're being chased and just focusing on what you have to do and trying to run through a gauntlet mistake-free knowing someone is right on your tail is a new kind of video game exhileration.

love it, hope they can improve greatly on a second.

iamtehpwn3623d ago

IT's a confirmed Trilogy, so Mirror's Edge 2 will be significantly longer due to criticism of the first, with some sort of multiplayer.

Mirror's Edge is short because it's a VERY experimental game. You can't make an extremely long experimental game, it's a huge risk in terms of development costs versus pay off. ME2 and Portal 2 will be a lot longer.

pwnsause3623d ago

I want to try to agree with you, but MGS4 is one of the greatest games of all time in my Top 5. MGS4 is not even in the FPS genre.

Arsenic133623d ago

Screw the mainstream. I cannot wait to buy this game. Its beautiful.

DiabloRising3623d ago

A game can be innovative and still flawed. For instance, the heavy trial and error nature of the game, and the fact that usually there is only one available route.

This is why we need better reviewing systems instead of the arcane "scoring" method.

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

Try reading the reviews. The only people complaining about numeric score values of reviews are the lazy bunch who would rather have some kind of Gaming Guardian Angel fall from the heavens and simply say...

"Yeah dude that game Mirror's Edge, you don't pick that **** up, its dog poo."

Ok George! Thanks for the tip!

Marceles3623d ago

Huh? Play time trial...there's always another route to take in the game. There's the average players route which is the safe way, but there's expert ways of also getting from point A to point B which could be dangerous but is rewarded if achieved. I've always wanted a game like this where the FPS camera moves in every aspect, even during a spin kick and DICE did a great job.

ShiftyLookingCow3622d ago

I only played it for a few hours, and I am sure I heard that pleasant splat sound a hundred times at least. And it is kind of linear. But I still love it, it reminds me of Mario and Half Life.

PotNoodle3623d ago

I think this game should of scored high just for the fact they managed to get the core gameplay just right, everything works so great - yes it may be stupidly short and the lack of anything else will make you feel a bit ripped off once you finished the game but it is a brave step and they managed to do execute it better than most of us expected.

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