Warzone #24 - Microsoft Goes For The Marketing Jugular

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "In this episode we talk about all the things the Microsoft is doing to ensure a holiday win this year. We also discuss why Sony isn't using stronger marketing for stellar games like Little Big Planet and Resistance 2. Also on this show:

- Torrence discusses his likes and dislikes of the Killzone 2 beta
- Hiphopgamer argues that there aren't any next gen quality games on Xbox Live like their are on PSN
- How in the hell does Nintendo sell over 800k Wii systems in October?
- Does Tomb Raider Underground match up to Drakes Uncharted graphically?
- And much much more!"

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PoSTedUP3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

yo yall got a sick podcast man, the realest in the industry imo. keep up the hustle! 1luv, peace.

DFresh3677d ago

-Dude. Your playing a beta. Betas are not the final game.

-I agree Microsoft is taking advantage of this Recession and this holiday season w/ the advertisements and it's intense. I am gonna get a 360 this Christmas so looking forward to that.
I mean look at the Halo 3 advertisements when that game came out.
ex.) Burger King Commercials, Limited Edition Soda pop just for that game Game Fuel, action figures, clothes, accessories, and heavy late night advertising as well as press conference shows on the John Stewart Show, Colbert Report, and CNN.

-After seeing those kinds of advertising I was expecting the Metal Gear Solid 4 advertising to be huge but is wasn't. I didn't even start seeing commercials until 3 days after the game was out. Only time I saw any advertisements was when I was at Game Stop and that wasn't much.

-Sony advertising s***ed when the PS3 first came out it just seemed like documentaries rather then advertisements for that console and that's bad.
Didn't even give you a price or even a release date of the games they were advertising.

-Hell Sony doesn't even advertise 3rd party games.
This is where the theory comes in that PS3 has no games.
They only advertised their exclusive games.
Mostly Metal Gear Solid 4.
Then when you look at 360 they're showing you all their games not just commercially but they're showing you game play not trailers.
When games like GTA IV, Devil May Cry 4, Madden 2007/08/09, Battle Field Bad Company, etc. came out Microsoft read their advertisements as if they were exclusive to the 360 by having that Xbox 360 logo at the end of each commercial even though it wasn't true people still bought it.

-I totally agree w/ Hip Hop Gamer 100% on this that in order for the PS3 to succeed right now from here on out is if they lower their price by $100 making it $300 for the 80GB and $400 for the 160GB, revise their online network, get Home up and running, and run a better advertising campaign.
If Sony doesn't do this Microsoft is gonna win every time.

-We all know Sony has the games, they have the best 1st & 2nd party devs, the best hardware, and the best technology but in order for people to know what that technology is or what it can do or even what that product is they need to advertise more and explain it more elaborately.

-This console war is far from over any company can make a turn around.

mikeslemonade3677d ago

Damn the end of the podcast sucked. Hiphopgamer is correct at end about that the PSN offers big budget standalone games on the PSN. Being able to play a big game off the HDD is underated because normally those are the games that you will be playing a lot and right now with all the games we are playing it's so much easier to hit x then go find your game/grab your game/take out of the case/ press the button to take the game out/put the game in/ and then hit x.

It took like a hour for hip hop to get his message across because you guys are biased towards the 360. It was so easy to grasp with hip hop was saying. But you guys are like talking to a wall.

milesd63676d ago

They are either biased or in denial. I'm getting sick of it. Every episode, Torrence and some other guy act like they don't know what hiphopgamer is talking about.

tordavis3676d ago

I thought he was comparing the QUALITY of Xbox Live games to PSN. That's how he started off. He didn't say anything about distribution until we told him he was wrong. He kept referring to 'Next Gen' quality. My point was that you CAN get next gen games off of Xbox Live. If he started off saying that you can't purchase retail 360 games off of Xbox Live in the beginning, the debate would have taken a completely different turn. Portal Still Alive is a next gen game that you can only buy on Live but he refused to acknowledge that.

Listen to it again.

I don't see how this debate makes us out to be biased. I just don't see it at all. It was a misunderstanding of the point he was trying to make. I never thought you could be biased by misunderstanding someone.

ThatCanadianGuy3675d ago

Torrence is a diehard 360 fanboy.Tho he acts like he isn't for the sake of his "credibility"

It's to obvious tho.i mean,he was saying something before about how you need skill to play Halo 3 and you don't need skill for Killzone 2 or Resistance 2.

f*cking hilarious.