PlayStation 4 Secrets

The PS4 brings along with it next generation gaming with enhanced feedback and sensors for better gaming experiences. It is easier to illustrate these new experiences by giving examples from six game types: an astronaut game; a skydiving game; a regular first person shooter game; a swimming game, and a fighting game, and a dancing game. A game having all elements of the above, would be even better. The motion detection on your four limbs in 3D (two hands, two feet, and your head) allows the game to detect your location, rotation, and force/velocity of movement.

Fishy Fingers5426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

Where have they obtained all this information? They go into extreme detail. Such as the GPU (RSX2) which they claim "based off of the nVidia GeForce GTX 480 graphics processor" a GPU which doesn't even exist. These are predictions surely? Output of 3840x2160p? New TVs then guys :/

elorm95426d ago

This all seems like speculation, I don't think people would be willing to leak sensitive info like this when they could get their asses in jail.

hay5426d ago

Wow, they have some wild fantasies.

CloudsEnd5426d ago

Not just fantasy, they got too much time lol, i would never write such a huge a*s sh*t.. :D

CrippleH5426d ago

They pulled it out of their ***.

Qdog5426d ago

To whomever wrote this article, it must have taken some creativity and elbow grease, however. I couldnt help but notice some errors, maybe typos... Like for instance, in the spec chart, the PS2 could display a 1080i signal, just go check out Gran Turismo 4, the PS2 could be shipped with an HDD and a copy of Linux, for extra of course, second is that the PS3's cell does the audio, so for him to cap it at 7.1 is kind of weird when it's capable of more farther down the line(remember that there is a TSC <Toshiba Super Companion> chip in the PS3, not even being used yet, unless this person is only ounting the standard base package, the HDD is upgradable in the PS3, and gets way faster than SATA 1.5, and I noticed that they didnt list Bluetooth in the PS3. Judging from what I read, the PS4 that this article refers to, wouldnt be out for at least 4 more years, judging by the technology they used. Also I dont understand why Sony would use A DDR interface for memory, when XDR(Rambus)memory has specs that go way ahead of DDR's capabilities already... Just my interpretation...Back to Uncharted.

RussDeBuss5426d ago

this rubbish article, then another "ble ray needs saving"

considering that the ps3 game devs(like those of motorstorm) didnt know the final specs until late in the day, i doubt final ps4 specs have been decided.

and who actually cares, its gonna be more powerful than the ps3, and fix some of the mistakes they made with the ps3 whilst keping some of the key features if not improving on them.

standard, upgradeable hdd's will be there, bluray will be there, blutooth will probably be there, and its gonna be easier for devs to work with, probably keeping a similar basic arcitecture as the ps3, maybe something like multiple cell's or something.

SaiyanFury5426d ago

Wow the PS4 has an HVD drive. That's impressive considering that current HVD drives cost over 10,000 dollars and single writable discs are lie 200 bucks. 100gbps? Wow. Considering the main ethernet standard is nowhere near that. Those specs are mere speculation. The PS3 is here for a while.

AAACE55426d ago

The Ps3 hasn't even reached it's maximum performance and still has alot for gamers to experience.... So why is anyone talking about the Ps4 yet?

The 360 is moving toward the end of it's time, and the Wii may follow it sometime afterwards. But the Ps3 still has alot of untapped potential yet to be discovered by developers which could lead to some truely amazing games!

I don't get it!

CrazedFiend5426d ago

Ships with MGS5!? You guys are paying attention right? They're just messin' around. Just laugh with them already.

TheExecutive5426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

all they need to do is strap a cell2 in there with 3 gigs of RAM and a kick a$$ GPU. That way it will be powerful, wont require such a learning curve, and it keeps the R&D down on the system. Sony sure as sh*t spent too much money this generation but they have also put themselves in a great position next gen.

DaTruth5425d ago

Just when Sony finally reaches Pixar level graphics with R&C series for PS3, I see the preview for Wall E; That $h1t is insane and we will have to see PS4 before we see that.

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl5425d ago

It's a joke people...

This is a direct parody of the actual "PS3 Secrets" website seen below.


You can see all they did is fill in the blanks with some nonsense.

100% Fake 100% Speculation 100% Lame

5425d ago
uie4rhig5425d ago

this article was made to see if the admin of maxconsole.net would post just any crap on the sites frontpage.. the creator of the site replies on the article in the forum:
not sure if he is speaking the truth tho.. but he most likely is, coz even the BIGGEST fanboy in the would see that lol.

memots5425d ago (Edited 5425d ago )

i didn't even click on the link to not give then traffic.
i read what was on here and the comment from everyone and thats good enough for me.

pixelsword5424d ago (Edited 5424d ago )

That QF tv doesn't exist anywhere except in reference to the "PS4 secrets" story


It's funny how people can shoot down my articles with ease, despite the fact that my articles have genuine sources, but something like this makes it to 1100.

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sinncross5426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

whatever the case may be, I really hope the PS4 does not come out until 2011... I seriously am not going to fork out for a new machine no matter how good it is. Price are getting too high, especially at these times.

Heck im even contempt to get the PS2 Bond title instead of the PS3 title just to save money so I can get Valkyria Chronicles/ LBP or R2 as well (but also because the PS2 one actually looks like decent fun being entirely third person).

Plus these must be wants or something, cause MGS5 bundle? Honestly, we'll probably see MGS5 by 2010... and HVD? Sort of destroys Sony's whole momentum of going blu ray if you ask me...

though while it seems that all of these are just made up I must admit that someone spent a lot of time trying to make it sound authentic (without sources though).

but then you read this:
'With the PS4 power switch in the off position, turn power switch back on while holding down Eject button. This mode allows you to clean out the dust inside the PS4. '
What the hell? lol, the PS4 has so many uses!

But its a nicely speced machine according to these guys, not that anyone would be able to afford so easily... if ps3 is anything to go by, ppl will moan about the ps4's price if it stays like this.

This is all speculation.. if you go to 'the future' for the PS3 is states how the PS4 should be easy to predict, and gives some of the details from here. They way they write things using words such a s'should' shows how they're merely speculating.

TOO PAWNED5426d ago

" 1024MB GDDR4" - even by todays standards this would be a joke. Definitelly fake. RAM memory in 3-4 years time will be one of the most important things for gaming machine, more so than processor.

BobDog5426d ago

thats what i think

imo needs 2048 min

iamtehpwn5426d ago

This will be the time though that games will literally be interactive CG.

DeadlyFire5426d ago

Why GDDR 4? XDR RAM can clock much higher than that and its what they used in the PS3 why backtrack now? XDR is faster than GDDR 4. XDR can run up to 4 Ghz and XDR 2 can run up to 8 Ghz.

Spike475426d ago

Sony should think about enchancing the gaming experience with better graphics and gameplay most of all, but stay true to the roots of their controllers. All this while keeping a good variety of games and a strong PSN that stays free for all.

Born2BK1NG5426d ago

Whoever wrote this is truly NUTS!