7 Reasons to be Excited for Final Fantasy VII Remake

Here are seven reasons why you should be excited for Final Fantasy VII Remake, Square Enix's big PlayStation 4 release for 2020.

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Thundercat7735d ago

Simply one of my most anticipated games if 2020. Day 1 for sure.

ArmyVetGamer35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

1. Cloud Strife
2. Tifa Lockheart
3. Barret Wallace
4. Aerith Gainsborough
5. Red xiii
6. Vincent Valentine
7. Sephiroth


Agreed, I've only been waiting since i dont know... that tech reveal before the ps3 launched in like... 2006? Shit that was a long time ago. 🙈

TeamIcoFan35d ago

Normal fans who fell in love with FFVII for it's story and characters and not only it's gameplay : "I'm so excited for this!"

ArmyVetGamer35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Im hearing its going to have a turn based classic mode for the "turnbase fanboys", but i agree, these people are like turn based elitists... but hey i enjoy seeing passionate people as long as they arent dicks bout it.

I have admit, ill always have a place in my heart for the many turn based titles that consumed my early teens, but ill probably opt to play it in the new action based combat as that looks like the shit! Ill have to reserve judgment until after i play it tho. My first RPG was a super nes game called 7th Saga.

TeamIcoFan35d ago

@ArmyVetGamer I love turn based rpgs too, but to these guys, final fantasy vii is only about it's turn based combat, and nothing else.
It's maddening, because for the most part all turn based rpgs pretty much play the same with only a few tweaks here and there, and what makes it worth playing essentially the same goddamn game over and over again IS a well crafted story and memorable characters.

ArmyVetGamer35d ago

Agreed, i loved all the ff titles up until ffx and x2... after that i completely lost interest, which is sad. I hope they remake 8 and 9 afterwards. Hell i wouldnt mind them remaking 1-6... that would keep them busy and us ff fans happy for years.

AK9135d ago

After that gameplay demonstration at E3 I was all in