Everyone Who Bought EA's Tetris App Will Lose It On April 21

The rights to Tetris mobile games have been transferred to another company, so anyone who purchased EA's Tetris game will lose access to the title.

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2pacalypsenow472d ago

This should be a massive red flag for a digital only future.

Knightofelemia472d ago (Edited 472d ago )

The red flag is there all ready on both streaming services and buying digital games. Companies can only retain the license of an ip for so long say like TMNT, Transformers, once the license expires the game gets yanked. Activision lost the license to Transformers and Fall of Cybertron was yanked from digital stores. Plus when you lend your game to a streaming service like PSNow or Xbox Pass you sign a contract after that contract expires the game will also get yanked from the streaming service.

lodossrage471d ago

Even though I agree with you knight, at least all those other games are playable as long as you purchased them before they were purchase.

This thing here with EA is taking it to the next level a whole new level of bad though, We're talking about not even accessing content they you BOUGHT.

I agree with you both. But you know, people will still find a way to excuse digital futures. Hell, just look at how people STILL defend Stadia. Tells you how sheep-like people can be

UltraNova471d ago

The future isn't looking too... ownership-friendly

Rebel_Scum471d ago

This is unacceptable but digital is the way to go imo.

Bleucrunch471d ago

hmm, then you opinion is contributing to this dreadful solution of digital only. You are not seeing the big picture. To say its unacceptable but also say that its the best way is beyond confusing and contradictory. Like @lodossrage said.....Sheep!!!

annoyedgamer471d ago

If its unacceptable then digital only means you will be forced to accept it.

Orionsangel471d ago

You do realize that physical disc based games have online patches and first time updates right? Meaning if a business and it's servers go down that has an effect on your digital games and physical disc based games as well.

2pacalypsenow471d ago

You don’t have to install the patches to play if it’s single player.

Orionsangel471d ago (Edited 471d ago )

@2pacalypsenow Yeah but you can miss out on dlc, patches, faster loading. This is a digital online world and consoles and PC are dependent on the online environments that surround and envelope modern games. That's why I believe they won't stop supporting digital content. Digital content is growing mostly due to convenience. Your digital content is safe.

Orionsangel471d ago (Edited 471d ago )

Physical media is mainly for collectors. Most digital only players just wanna play and beat a game. I really don't think your digital games will suddenly disappear in the same way the power grid all over the world isn't gonna stop working.

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annoyedgamer472d ago

But digital only is a good future!

Thunder_G0d_Bane471d ago

Still better than a Streaming only future.

PC gamers have been digital only for YEARS (you cant buy retail copies of PC games anymore) and it's been no problem.

rpgenius420471d ago

You can buy them at Wal-Mart so......and it's the disc too.

annoyedgamer471d ago

Yea and its awful. If PC had disks I would have stopped using consoles years ago.

Bleucrunch471d ago

Then you are in favor of removing choice....I do not want to play games only the way YOU want me too.

Inzo471d ago

Digital is the future? If this article had sound a siren would howling away right now.

franwex471d ago

They should get a refund!

Shuckylad471d ago

Reword that to. Everyone who paid rental on EA’s Tetris app....

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