Modern Warfare Download Corrupt Issue Happening After January 22 Update

It seems there's an on-going Modern Warfare download corrupt issue happening after the January 22 patch, and it's serious! Read on for details.

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SierraGuy26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

These idiots can't test anything before releasing these massive updates. 😷

What a joke. Not the first time either.

Poor optimization.

excaliburps26d ago

I hate to say it but I agree. No way these changes need this much data. Even if they've hidden a bunch of stuff for Season 2, then at the very least, make sure players can download it without hassle. It's like, they're not a AAA studio.

Thump196726d ago

Don't get it updated wife and my xbox no issue

Parasidious26d ago

A friend of mine had all his stats and MP progress wiped after update. Hopefully they have accounts backed up.


It tried to do this to me. I downloaded the 1st patch and when I tried to launch the game it told me that my data was corrupt and I needed to reset my rank and unlocks to play. Of coarse I didn’t do this I simply hard reset my Xbox and reinstalled the update then everything worked just fine