Hideo Kojima visits Sony Japan Studio

Kojima posted a couple photos of him visiting Sony Japan Studio, could another Sony collaboration be in the works?

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2pacalypsenow480d ago

Could it be something to do with that rumored horror game?

xxShadow-Shockxx480d ago (Edited 480d ago )

I was thinking the same exact thing, and then if you add in the fact that he said this on twitter a few months back

the pieces could be coming together

fr0sty479d ago (Edited 479d ago )

Look at that tweet shadow shock posted from this perspective...

"As to make the scariest horror game, I’ll watch the scary movies in order to awaken my horror soul. THE EYE is the Thai horror movie I rent when making PT (a game he never got to finish making) but was too scary to finish watching (could be referring to how development was halted). The package is scary so I rented the disc only (PT never saw a physical packaged release, you could only download the incomplete demo to your hard disk). Will I be able to finish watching (making the game)?"

fr0sty479d ago

His "I only rented the disc" comment could also be a reference to Konami pulling the game off of PSN, so we were only able to "rent" it for a limited time, and since we don't own it, if we lose our hard drive with the game on it, we cannot download it again.

silenthillstrangler478d ago

How is that "adding in the fact"?!...that IS the fact!

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Muzikguy479d ago

Great stuff if it's true! I'd love to see this horror game

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DarXyde479d ago


I've long held the belief that Kojima should be heading the next Siren game.

Imagine that: Siren completely destroying Silent Hill, and by Kojima, no less.

That would be damn near poetic.

UltraNova479d ago

I had enough Siren and JS can handle that franchise or he could provide his input at least. Kojima should make a horror game from scratch with full creative(mindbending) freedom.

rainslacker479d ago

I think he'd be good at any horror game. Hes really good at tension in his games. Too much horror relies on jump scares, but tension is usually much better and keeps the players imagination going

Chumdiddy479d ago

Very possible and I hope so. As much as I liked Death Stranding I wanted it to have more horror elements.

Also, he has posted a few vague things regarding Ape Escape and I guess a new one is either confirmed or all but confirmed already (don't recall which but it seemed like common knowledge as far as a year ago).

What he has to do with it, I'm not I'll guess and hope that it's a new horror game.

mandingo479d ago

Hopefully. Steer clear of death stranding

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Thundercat77480d ago

A lot of rumors suggesting another Hideo Kojima and Sony collaboration and it could be an horror game 😃.

I hope is all true. A lot of Silent Hill fans out there waiting for a new game in that scale.

LegoIsAwesome479d ago

Let me guess. Kojima will travel around the world looking for different developer's engine. Then when both parties agrees, Kojima will use the devs engine. Create his game base on that engine. And release it on PC.

Kojima 101: how to develop a game with less dev time.

I gotta say. Brilliant

neutralgamer1992479d ago

Doubt it I think he found the engine working alongside GG

So moving forward that's the engine he will use and keep updating which will be beneficial for both Kojima and GG. Sony and epic are in bed so don't be surprised if many ps4/Ps5 exclusives don't end up on epic game store

rainslacker479d ago

I think he borrowed a lot of code from horizon for death stranding beyond the game engine. Some things seem to work exactly the same, and have similar implementations. The menus also seemed like a direct copy. Nothing wrong with that, just that being able to do that kind of thing does greatly reduce development time.

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AK91480d ago

I want horror game Kojima hinted at

whitbyfox480d ago (Edited 480d ago )

Astro Bot i bow down to you 🙆🏻‍♂️🙇 🏻‍♂️

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