Skate 2: Exclusive Story Trailer

You definitely look like you're ready to shred.

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ChefDejon5491d ago

sports game of the year 2009

hulud865491d ago

Is there a release date on this yet?

poopsack5491d ago

there goes the story mode.

iMarcus5491d ago

Can't wait for this

comes in january, correct?

jamboza5490d ago

yes should be coming out on january 20, thats if nothing happens

pwnsause5490d ago

Im Happy that EA is listening and making this game PS3 lead, both console versions wont suffer because of that.

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The 7 Best Skateboarding Games

Since the mid-90s, skateboarding games have remained a popular past time. But which are the best skateboarding games?

MasterChief3624124d ago

There is no way in hell they put the cover of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 as the thumbnail for "best skateboarding games." Good Lord.

ChiefofLoliPolice124d ago

Not the game that needs to be the thumbnail.

ChiefofLoliPolice124d ago

Oh dear God the OG TH games are amazing. THUG 1 2 and THAW were badass. It's hard to pick. The EA Skate games were amazing too especially Skate 3.

Never got the chance to play Session or Skate XL but I want to try.

As far as classics...the THUG games and Pro 4 were my favs. I still play those games on my OG Xbox to this day!

Abear21124d ago

Smh still no Skate on PlayStation 4 or 5. All these new budget skateboarding games are glitched trash. The new Skate will be good, but nothing will give me that crazy feeling like OG skate demo, that was a revelation


Xbox 360/PS3 Ports That Would Be Great on Nintendo Switch

Here's a list of Xbox 360/PS3 games that would be great on the Nintendo Switch (at a modest, reasonable price of course). These games could really flourish if given a new lease on life, introducing a new generation to their greatness.

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MichaelKnight83504d ago (Edited 504d ago )

I'm sure R* knows the Nintendo Switch install base and probably dont really care to port over more R* games to the Nintendo Switch tho i gotta say playing GTA4 & RDR1 on the go on the Nintendo Switch would be dope

Knightofelemia504d ago

I would buy Lollipop Chainsaw, Alice Madness Returns, Enslaved, Splatter House, Brutal Legends, Dante's Inferno, and Dead Space for sure if they were ported to the Switch.

Mobis-New-Nest504d ago

Deus Ex Human Revolution would be a great title to The Holy Grail of All Consoles aka The Nintendo Switch*. Also Haze Remastered, Grand Theft Auto 4 and 5 Remastered, Silent Hill HD Collection, Max Payne 3 Remastered, Call of Duty World At War Remastered, The Orange Box Remastered, Halo Master Chief Collection, Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 Remastered, Metal Gear Solid 4 Remastered, Afro Samurai Remastered, Demons Souls Remastered, Xmen Destiny Remastered, Jack and Daxter Collection, Def Jam Icon Remake, Folklore Remastered, Spiderman Edge of Time Remastered, Persona 5 remastered, the list goes on. (*Best Selling Console of All Time)

MontyeKristo504d ago (Edited 504d ago )

Can we just get a Bully 2? 😒

iplay1up2504d ago

Seriously? Isn't it time Nintendo make a Switch successor? I mean they have the sales and money.

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Skate 2 Servers Are Shutting Down Next Month

EA has announced that the Skate 2 servers for PlayStation and Xbox will be shutting down in early December 2021, bringing an end to over a decade of fun.

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sourOG743d ago (Edited 742d ago )

Game awards skate gameplay? I’d be hyped. All I’ve asked for over the years from EA is a skate sequel and a dead space 1 remaster. If they nail these games me and EA are cool. Clean slate, no hate. Do they make really dumb moves all too often? Yes. But It’s not like they are activision blizzard.

Michiel1989742d ago

throw in battle for middle-earth 1-2 remastered with multiplayer servers running and im game

sourOG742d ago

For those games you would clean the slate with EA you mean?

I said I’d never forgive them for what they did to visceral and black box but the visceral guys are making a “dead space” sequel anyway and they are free from EA. And a skate is being made. If they ruin dead space 1 I will never forgive them lmao. If they bang these out with fire? Even Steven.

Michiel1989741d ago

there is no cleaning the slate with EA anymore (in the short term), but bfme 1 and 2 are some of my favorite games of all time, I just want to play them online again with a decently sized playerbase. Ive been hoping for a remaster for these games for years now, but WB has the lotr license now, so there is basically no chance of it happening.

Profchaos742d ago

On the same day they announced backwards compatibility ouch

Servbot41742d ago

Leave it to EA to be completely tone deaf morons.