Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - January 22ND Patch Notes

Here are the release notes for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's latest update.

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2pacalypsenow35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

How in the blue hell does adding a new game mode, 5 load outs and a crossbow equal 45gb?

P_Bomb34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

I’m up to 134.8GB installed all in. Personal record. Scary thing is it’s still season one!

Patiently waiting for the Ground War TDM patch and the ability to opt out of Ground War crossplay. Absolutely unnecessary forced compliance at the expense of my connections.

Ninjamonkey8234d ago

MW and Destiny 2 leaves me room for sonic mania and terraria 330gb used 2gb in capture, and 165 over. Had to remove days gone Mws update hadn't enough space lol wtf. Luckily I have a second system with my other games stored there.

Add to that the spec ops pack was bugged lol reinstalling in an endless loop. Anyone else gets this issue install spec ops pack 1 and 2 when the game starts you will find the custom solts for weapons only numbereed threw to five and when you move to the rest the slots threw to 10 it resets to mw menu. Top right spec ops pack starts to download again.

Quit out cancel download restart game and it fixes itself. Pain in the ass ask me anything took me an hour in 15 minute downloads to work it out lol was waiting for my game to curropt and my rank to reset. Btw it starts with the message you are missing one are more required packs.

MajorLazer34d ago

I am in this constant loop. Download SO pack 1, go to spec ops, says I'm missing a pack, redownload the same fucking pack 😡