Game Positive reviews Fable 2

The editor writes:-

"As an RPG, there is much to celebrate and much to criticize. The world does manage to seem large, despite your character's inability to truly travel. Many of the dungeons share a common atmosphere, but there's enough variation to keep you interested. Though you're intended to spend time exploring the world, there is surprisingly little variety in the enemies you'll encounter. The excitement comes from using your new skills and abilities to defeat the same enemies you've dispatched an hour ago. "

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tortella3625d ago

will drop to 88% when newer reviews are in
Except Gears2 no x360 game could get AAA status at Meta this year

PS3 had MGS4 > Gears2

and LBP>>>all x360 exclusives

N4PS3G3625d ago

This review is already on meta ..and its still at 89

while gears is up to 94 again same as MGS4..get your facts straight

may i ask you something?

what happend to Resistance 2? 88 at meta and still waiting for that 6/10 from Edge

Wasn't resistance supposed to kill Gears 2 in sales and reviews? from what i see can't even beat poor Fable II

tortella3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

Metacritic rounded Gears2 EGM review which was A - 95% to 100%

However some more reviews havent been added which gave it 9/10. As soon as those reviews are added the average will come down to 93%

MGS4 got 10/10 from IGN and Gamespot and 10/10 from over 100 websites worldwide. Gears2 got 10/10 from LAME WEBSITES and mags

tortella3625d ago

where are the sales stats???

Oh that Vgcrap chartz??? numbers from asses

Resistance 2 will sell between 800k -1m this November in USA

Yes it will kill Gears2 /Fable2 in europe

LBP outsold Gears 2 and Fable all over europe except UK. See the individual sales charts of every country not CRAP numbers from VGCHARTZ

Omega43625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

Yep R2 will plummet to 87 when the Edge review hits only one point higher than the orignal OUCH!!

Gears 2 = Gear 1 even without that many changes, just shows what a great franchise it is

Stop living on past games and live for the present Gears 2 >>>>>>>&a mp;g t;>>>>> R2 and always will be so get over yourself

Fable 2 is a great game a lot better than many think why do you think it sold so well likely even better than R2

tortella3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

so the review will be back up too

Gears2 has 93.5% but some bare 9s havent been added so that will be 93% soon

However LBP>>>>>>&am p;gt ;>all x360 exclusives --95.4% at meta

Living in the past motherfuccer

alll games bombed on x360 even the new Banjo and LR.

LBP>>>>>>&a mp;g t;>>>>>>> & gt;>>entire gaming library of x360

R2 will outsell Fable2 based on just EU sales

stop living in fools paradise of flop box 360. All games on flop box flopped except Gears2

However MGS4 and LBP>>>>gears 1.1

N4PS3G3625d ago

Dear Tortella...i don't know if Fable is going to beat Resistance in sales..neiter do you..

cus sadly..whe don't live in the future ..neither do we have sales charts talking about reviews...

Yo are bashing Fable because it ay 89 on meta

but it still higher than Resistance 2 88 at meta

and still waiting for Edge magazine 6./10

tortella3625d ago

63% for Fable2 right up there

Resistance 2 got 9.5 from IGN and 9 from Gamespot
Fable2 got 8.8 and 8.5 respectively

NPD hasnt released the numbers for Resistance 2
But it will be somewhere between 800k - 1m when numbers are out

as for Europe LBP>>> Gears2>>>Fable2

except UK Gears2 wont beat LBP/Resistance 2 anywhere in EUROPE

Resistance2 will outsell Gears 2 2:1 in europe

TheMART3625d ago

OMG Nasim not you again.

Just for the record, Gears 2 was on 95% first, dropped down to 93% and now got back up to 94% again.

And the latest reviews are all high, many on 10/10. So I bet it'll stay on 94% and might even become 95% again. Higher then MGS4, on the same level as LBP

Fable 2 on 89%

Now lets look at the PS3 games that released lately:

Resistance 2 - 88% so it lost from Gears 2 this Christmas

Even better, EDGE, the well known magazine known for their great reviews gives it a 6 out of 10.

Gears 2 and Fable got both 9 out of 10 from EDGE.

Motorstorm 2 - 81%


TORTELLA = NASIM everybody, start reporting him and tell the mods to ban him again

TheColbertinator3625d ago

You guys take this stuff way too seriously.In my opinion I prefer Fable 2 over Gears 2 and it should be Fable 2 with a 94 on Metacritic right now.Seriously chill out with the "90 and above" garbage because I know many of consider Fable 2 AAA just like how some of you consider Resistance 2 AAA.

N4PS3G3625d ago

Dear Tortella

first of all ....who cares if LBP 95 >>> all bla bla ...nobody is talking about LBP

why don't you face reality ..and answer to what you are being ask and stop spinning things with LBP


and IGN and Gamespot are not the only sites in the world

but since you bring Fable 63 from an unknown site.

ill bring Resistance 2 6/10 from Edge ...biggest Mag in UK

and bash fable for being ay 89 on meta

still....Its Higher than Resistance 88 on meta and still waiting for edge score

Stop Spinning.and stop bashing fable so much ..since this game its outscoring your beloved Resistance 2

La Chance3625d ago

you're a mystery.I would love to know who's the guy hiding beheind those 94 accounts you have.And Im serious.

You never give up no matter what.

You just keep on going on and on and on....

Youre almost funny.

scottmichael3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

tortella are u fuking stupid

LBP has outsold sh1t....

you say LBP outsold gears/fable 2 everywere except UK

God you are retard

go look at the figures again moron

TheMART3625d ago

Don't be too hard on him...

His mother dropped him on the head when he was a baby, that was just 4 years ago, then his little brother did ride over his head on his bike, his sister that is 300kg sat on his head and his father did hit him with a bowling ball.

So after all that, he still came out pretty normal I guess!

pansenbaer3625d ago


Regardless of weather this person is right or wrong, you are reading his statement wrong, same with you Traveler. He is saying, everywhere IN EUROPE BESIDES THE UK LittleBigPlanet will outsell those games. Like I said, no idea if they are right or wrong, just clarifying for you.

theKiller3625d ago

all those who is attacking tortella and calling him Nasim are pure bots them selfs and they r on this site for years, since they all know Nasim who's last appearance was over a year ago!!

@bots above

u r all fanboys so stop calling each other fanboys because u make it sounds like a bad thing and make u look bad,

there is a say: "stop throwing at people houses with rocks if ur house is from glass"

gears 1.2 is great,fable 2 is great, resistance 2 is greater,LBP is greater, sales and reviews dont always reflect the greatness of games

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Spike473625d ago

that will hurt the metacritic score, or does that not count anymore?

La Chance3625d ago

this guy has got to be kidding.Not only his review comes in more than late but moreover who trys to act like he was EDGE or something.

And watch this story get approved in record time...

N4PS3G3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

They gave Too Human a 7.3

What a joke

kewlkat0073625d ago

"They gave Too Human a 7.3 "

In the voice of Marcus Feenix..Come on!!!

DiabloRising3625d ago

Fable 2 has some very real issues in both design and technical implementation, issues that many "respected" reviewers glossed over. But the game is still damn fun, and thats what matters.

Not to mention, once again, reviews are opinions. So who cares?

The Matrix3625d ago

Garbage review site. Fable 2 is a great game. I played it at my friends house and I'll definitely be getting it.

Legion3625d ago

Even I knock Fable 2 for some of its less then stellar issues. But over all I can't see it rating less then an 8.0 from anyone. It just is too fun and one of the better RPGs out there right now on any of the current consoles.

gamesR4fun3625d ago

'While the lack of exploration is a problem, what really plagues Fable II are the devastating, game-ending glitches. The most common bug occurs if you cut short a conversation with one of the NPCs. If you make that simple mistake, it will be impossible to continue the game's main plot. There are other glitches like it; many of them without known causes. The bugs are all the more unforgivable considering the game's archaic save system, which only allows you a single save slot for each character. You cannot even copy your save to a memory card. This is an unfortunate design choice in a game that encourages you to experiment and make hard decisions. But it is absolutely unacceptable in a title that's also full of glitches. If you "activate" a glitch and the auto save kicks in, you have no choice but to start over from scratch."

Still a great game but it coulda been much much more
adn kudos to this guy for giving us a real review unlike the other sell outs who only say what their told to.

dragunrising3625d ago

I'm inclined to agree. I like Fable II but it isn't the experience I was hoping for. For me the game has become a "fetch me" game where I run around and grab expressions, property, and legendary armor. I already reached the point in the story arc where I couldn't go back. The game is great fun at times and extremely frustrating other times. I find myself wanting a game that looks, and controls better with greater immersion. I wish that I had purchased Fallout 3 instead. I will be particularly watching out for the big announcement for Fable II in the next week. I think the review is a bit low, but I would probably rate it a 8. After Mass Effect and Oblivion I want more from my rpg.

Socom3624d ago

Finally someone not afraid to say it.

All other reviews are rigged. No way in hell is this game even good.
Its unbalanced, lame, horrible story, incredibly short, buggie, glitchie and unfinished.

1 PS3 exclusive RPG arrives and all 360 rpgs are blown out of the window. Why do you think all the major reviewers are not reviewing Valkyria Chronicles people.

All 360 games are getting priority reading. To boost their sales. "PS3 games can wait till next year...when the holidays are over"

Thats their intention people. Fking disgusting.

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Foxgod3625d ago

they dont sound very positive to me.

Traveler3625d ago

Fable 2 outsold both LBP and Resistance 2. I don't know what the he-ll is the matter with 'tortilla'. Also, Gears 2 is at 94 on Metacritic, and Resistance 2 is at 88. Even Fable 2 has received overall better scores than Resistance 2. Face it tortilla, your predictions were wrong.

BTW, Fable 2 is a fantastic game. You hating on it just shows what a loser fanboy you are tortilla.

Magic_The_Celt3625d ago

yes and LBP is 95 on metacritic and resistance 2 will soon outscore fable II what is your point?

Traveler3625d ago

Who is this "Game Positive"? Never heard of them before.

Anyway, they are entitled to their opinion, even if they are WRONG. Ha, ha, jk.

Fable 2 is a fantastic game. Some of the most fun I've had with an RPG ever.

DiabloRising3625d ago

N4G seems to pull out all kinds of random sites when a big title releases, sites I've never heard of before. Good thing smart gamers don't listen to review scores.

TheColbertinator3625d ago

I've seen some Game Positive reviews before here but after this review I have to say that they lost all credibility

DiabloRising3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

I can't really think of a single review site that DOES have "credibility" actually.

Edit - Except Kotaku. I like their review style. I don't always agree with their reviews. Their snarky demeanor in their "articles" is a bit grating though. ;-)

pansenbaer3625d ago

I like Kotaku. They don't give a number to their review and they give you the details you want to know. Its more of a 'review' and less of a 'we have to give this an arbitrary number'

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