Konami recruitment page features jam-packed artwork celebrating their franchises

Konami characters assemble on recruitment page.

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Primal Rex849d ago

If only Konami made games anymore

Nyxus849d ago

Well they seem to be hiring people, although it remains to be seen if that will amount to anything.

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AK91849d ago

Was their CEO fired? I recall something similar happening to SEGA their former CEO said console gaming was dead at they would focus on mobile and Pachinko then he got fired and everything changed. Wondering if something similar at Konami?

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jambola849d ago

"look at all our properties we do nothing/worse than nothing with"

Fluttershy77849d ago

What a Legacy. There's still hope. Hey, look at Capcom.

luckytrouble849d ago

Capcom was just having issues with their general game design and conforming too heavily to trends. They didn't spiral into the employee destroying hole of non-development that Konami did. Capcom simply had to revise their approach to game design. Konami has to revise their approach to being a video game developer. They burned a metric crap ton of bridges with the well known treatment of Kojima and his team during the development of MGS5.

StoneyYoshi849d ago

Don't forget how they also Scrapped Kojima's Silent hills reboot that everyone still talks about to this day.

CDbiggen849d ago

Don't hurt me like this Konami. All I want is a new Suikoden.

DragonWarrior19849d ago

Konami: Suikoden Pachinko it is!

Exvalos849d ago

Dang I need suikoden 6 in my life

RedDevils849d ago

For a starter a remaster collection would be nice.

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The story is too old to be commented.