Coming Soon to Xbox Game Pass for Console: A Plague Tale: Innocence, Indivisible, and Sea Salt

Xbox Game Pass games for Xbox One in January

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ThinkThink279d ago

I haven't heard of any of these games but I guess that's the point. Anyone know if they're any good?

Darkwatchman279d ago

Haven’t heard of any of them??? Expand your horizons, but to answer the question, Indivisible and A Plague Tale are definitely worth playing

ThinkThink279d ago

I'm trying! lol I'll check them out, that's for the recommendation.

SyntheticForm279d ago

A Plague Tale: Innocence is excellent; not sure about the rest.

TheRealTedCruz279d ago

Plague Tale was one of the best games or last year.

It's a strong get.

FlyGuyHung279d ago

Actually purchased a copy of A Plague Tale last week when it was on sale. Once I found out it would be added to GamePass I contacted Xbox Customer support and requested a refund, 2 days later my refund was processed. Not the first time this has happned.
Now I have that internal debate about how badly do I really want to play a game on day one vs. waiitng a few months for it to come to GamePass. A good problem to have I guess.
But no way would I wait for AAA titles like CyberPunk, Last Of Us 2 etc. I know LoU isn't a MS ip but my point is only games that are THAT huge would get day one purchase from me moving forward. ....its a good time to be a gamer. Last year I spent about 1/3 the amount of money I typically would in a calendar year on games because of gamepass.