PS5 And Xbox Series X – 15 Confirmed Or Likely Launch Games For Next-Gen Consoles

Fingers crossed many of these are accurate.

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nucky64314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

don't go to the story unless you like clicking through a LOT of pages.

Atomicjuicer314d ago

Not worth the page clicks. Horizon 2, halo infinite, batman legacy, rainbow 6 quarantine, guerilla multiplayer shooter, godfall, monsters and gods and some other non-surprising suggestions I cant even remember.

sizeofyou314d ago

Confirmed. Or unconfirmed and likely. Or supposition...

skiggy34314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

Halo Infinite is my most anticipated. I would love to see a new Killzone, screw a Horizon sequel. I may be the only one on earth that didnt like the first one. If I can get a good fps, an RPG and a racer at launch between both PS5 and Xbox Series X I am a happy gamer.

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X-Alchemist314d ago

lool why do you have so many disagrees?

RazzerRedux313d ago

"screw a Horizon sequel." is a mystery.


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