Red Dead Redemption 2 January 21st Update released, adds new content, full patch notes

DSOGaming writes: "Rockstar has released a brand new update for Red Dead Redemption 2 on all platforms."

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Yi-Long26d ago

I thought they were gonna release the photomode for XBO, or did that already happen?

Ezio204826d ago

It has happened just a few days ago.

Yi-Long26d ago

Ah nice, time to head back into the wild ...

3-4-526d ago

I wish they would just drop this and focus on GTA6.

MikeNike31026d ago

Rockstars big enough to support both franchises

Artemidorus26d ago

They started GTA VI just before GTA V let that sink in.

TimmyTesticles26d ago

Wait, they added SINGLE PLAYER content? That's awesome.

sprinterboy26d ago

Please learn to read articles.

Rebel_Scum26d ago

New hats, boots and chaps is hardly something to get excited about.

zahdab26d ago

you kidding !??!! i've been waiting for a new hat all my life !!!

SinisterKieran26d ago

if he's on xbox, its not just that though. there is new story content.

neutralgamer199226d ago

They should add some fun to this game. Add a acceptable gaming fast travel system, make the game more fun and less like a chore. Realistic animations are great but not at the cost of making the game a chore go play

And yes I do own the game and this is the only R* game in a long time I can't finish. And my opinion is in the minority but I know I am not the only one who feels the game could have been so much better. If there was a proper fast travel system the game would be 25hours long which is perfect instead of the 40 due to long long horse rides

AfricanWoolf26d ago

Had to stop playing because as amazing as quality of the game is, I find that the game design just doesn't respect my time. Not in the way I want. To those that enjoy it: do it for the both of us.

neutralgamer199226d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Yes agreed it doesn't respect the gamers time or effort. There are minor things they could have done to help speed up the process but R* just want realism and ultra realistic animations in their games

Maybe it's just me but I feel like sometimes these AAA developers want to show their capabilities so they just want the best looking game even if it's not as fun and their games sell so well and media praises them so much that they don't feel the need to change

Allow fast travel system on any icon on the map

Allow us to play using the cheats and the ability to save our progress(yes enabling cheats should disable trophies but in RDR2 you can't save your progress if you have cheats on) while in past R* games they allowed you to save but you couldn't earn any trophies or achievements while cheats were enabled

It's like R* wants every game to play their game the way R* wants and in no other media is the consumer not allowed to enjoy how they want

Like if you want to listen to one song but you have to listen to the whole album or if you are watching a TV show and you must watch all the episodes before you can watch the one you want to watch

I know not perfect examples but you get the point

ServerBOT26d ago

I wish they would of at least added auto route follow when riding your horse also like far cry series instead of only carriage service or at least add follow road option like the witcher 3 when sprinting.

PCgamer9826d ago

If you meant the horse can autotravel to a point in the map you can actually do that in rdr 2.

Rebel_Scum26d ago

Brother, I hear ya. Since I have a couple of kids I dont get much time to play games. Time is precious. However I can understand the design decisions to make this game that type of game where in that time and place there was no real hurry.

Not every game has to have these modern luxuries of fast travel from anywhere. There are systems in the game that make sense for the player to find things along the way as they traverse.

jonivtec26d ago

I admit fast travel is innevitable in game of this many hours i lost horsing point A to B again and again.....many to much filling hours in my 60 hours playtrought.Still a masterpiece visualy and animation wise.Really annoying "error gfx state " to.....lot of crash to desktop issues.

Angeldolllogic25d ago

Exactly! This game was marketed as a 65 hour game. Thing is, it's not a 65 hour game. It's a 25 hour game plus 5 hours of skinning cutscenes, 5 hours of slow ass looting, 5 hours of taking a bath & eating, 10 hours of looking for your horse, brushing your horse, feeding your horse, and 15 hours of reslotting your weapons because they dissapear everytime you get off your horse! I can't tell you how many times I had my weapon loadout only to unexpectedly be engaged in a shootout. I jump off my horse, my load out disappears, my horse freaks & bolts, and I'm stuck in a shootout with a Cattleman Revolver. Brilliant.

Now I get the whole immersion factor, but you tell me what outlaw is going to loot a house in slow motion? Just strooollliiinnnggg by room... Would've been better to a have 5 second ransacking cutscene which would loot the entire house.

The story was good. The graphics were good. (Should've had moving hair, but hey, it is what is), but to market a 25 hour game as a 65 hour game just ain't right. Everything they did (which some things were downright petty) was to slow you down to meet that 65 hour mark. Why? Because a 65 hour game costs more than a 25 hour game. More money for Rockstar at their customer's expense (& time). Bravo, Rockstar. Bravo.

neutralgamer199225d ago

Lately R* decisions have been anti consumers. We have yet to receive any single player dlc content

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Harryvok26d ago

Still a blurry mess on PS4 pro though?

CuVe26d ago Show
Harryvok25d ago

Did they honestly patch it? I played it like a month ago and it still looked awful on my PS4 pro, blurry compared to other platfroms.

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