Gears Of War Boss On Importance Of Diversity And Inclusivity

Gears of War boss Rod Fergusson has spoken about the importance of inclusive game design and diversity in the workplace. During his keynote address as PAX South, Fergusson said he was inspired by the Stephen Frost quote, "Unless you consciously include, you will unconsciously exclude."

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AK91554d ago

Um okay try making the MP playable launch next time, I think that would help Gears 6 more.

Sciurus_vulgaris554d ago

It’s very odd that so many characters present in the campaign weren’t in the MP at launch. Some mismanagement scheduling with voice actors must of occurred. However, I think it was the inclusion of hero mechanics in horde, escape and arcade that stunted the games character roster. As a PvP player who plays competitive modes I care nothing for the hero mechanics. Hero mechanics weren’t necessary and I play competitive to avoid them.

General Shrooms554d ago (Edited 554d ago )

No, they're intentionally withholding them so they can be sold and drip fed later. The "Hero" excuse is transparent BS.

GottaBjimmyb553d ago (Edited 553d ago )

I'll be honest, I truly admire adversity of culture and ideas, but the idea that diversity=race, or specifically that diversity just means adding a black guy or a woman to content just make no sense to me. It would be like if black panther added white character to make sure there wasn't too much "black representation" in the movie, not because the actor was the best part for the role, or added to the product, it wouldn't make sense. While I would be adamantly against intentional removal or hindrance by race, that doesn't mean it should be a requirement. IDK, tough issue, but these kinds of statement just seem like they want brownie points for something basically everyone agrees with.

Gaming101553d ago

To be clear, there is absolutely zero evidence that including people of different races or genders makes games or movies magically better. Diversity of thought is true diversity, not skin colour, not gender, not sexuality or gender identity. Go to a liberal arts college you'll find a whole bunch of people who look completely different, but they all think the same. That's not diversity of thought, and it doesn't improve anything. You end up with group think and no one challenges the status quo of woke culture.

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bluefox755554d ago (Edited 554d ago )

Diversity of ideas? No? You don't care about that? Oh? Just diversity of skin color, genital, and genital preference? How is this obvious pandering popular with anyone? Imagine thinking so little of someone that you think they need to see other people that look like them to enjoy a game.

sampsonon554d ago

so if they are inclusive they are pandering? so what if they weren't being inclusive, wouldn't that also be considered "pandering" to a certain demographic? lol

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rainslacker554d ago (Edited 554d ago )

Pandering is when they come into interviews or tweets and talk about how progressive they, or their work are, and talk about how it's what people want, or should want. That elevates the rather small group of vocal people to feel important and that their cause is just.

Hence, pandering.

Just being inclusive, not making a big deal about it, and making it natural or better yet, unrelated to the plot and just another part of the character which has no real signficance but isn't a deterrent, is not pandering. That's what's called character design, and good character design isn't based on specific representations of different groups, except where it's culturally or socially relevant. A good character, most of the time should be able to have any single aspect of their surface level characteristics changed, and still remain a good character. Their sexual orientation should be moot, even if it's made known within the game, with the rare exception where that's actually part of the story....which doesn't happen in games much, but can be witnessed in some movies or TV.

It's the spectacle of inclusion and diversity which is more the problem than the actual act of being inclusive. When the spectacle no longer exists, then these creators will have achieved what those who make the most fuss about it should want to achieve.

Christopher554d ago

***Imagine thinking so little of someone that you think they need to see other people that look like them to enjoy a game.***

As someone who moderates, the number of people who complain that they would have to play as a female protagonist in games like HZD were really prevalent at times. Same thing is happening with TLoUP2, even if you play as Ellie for a section in the first game and Joel is old as heck.

So, if male gamers can't accept the occasional female protagonist in a new IP, why is it a problem that some female gamers, who have less protagonist representation in Western games by a very large factor, want to play as a female character because they feel weird always playing as male characters?

rainslacker554d ago (Edited 554d ago )

So, his point is rendered moot because a rather small subsection of gamers can't get past their ability to play as a different gender? I mean, H:ZD sold something like 10 million copies didn't it? That's COD level sales right there. It sounds like a good portion of the community, or even those not active in the community, didn't have much issue with a female avatar.

I think the belief among game designers and investors that male protagonists will appeal more to the general market place is long dead. The 25-35 male gamer may still be the most predominate target market for high profile games which we mostly talk about here, but the main protagonist gender is usually picked for story purposes. Some developers just prefer female characters, and getting them into games nowadays isn't really a fight like it was back in the 80's and 90's.

I'm going to be 100% honest with you. When I look at who has a problem with playing characters with certain physical or social traits, it seems to be the ones that have the most to say about games NOT being diverse or inclusive that have more problems with it than the community at large. They're saying that they want games that represent them, because they can't make connections, and it's by far their most common underlying argument that doesn't involve shaming the community. If we're going to be judged because we aren't willing to play certain characters....even if it's a extremely small group that may feel that way, shouldn't these same people be judged for not being able to connect with characters that aren't like them? It seems they have a harder time finding the commonalities between all of us, than the average gamer does.

Sono421553d ago

Sales, and the fact many men who can choose their gender in RPG's intentionally chose to play as women shows that your anecdotal evidence means squat. The most idiotic myth in our current generation is that men don't want women in gaming, whether it be playing them, or being in them, when in all actuality it is the complete opposite. Anyone who plays online games will see that if there is a girl in the lobby she immediately becomes the center of everyone's attention and they all try to get her attention.

"*Imagine thinking so little of someone that you think they need to see other people that look like them to enjoy a game.*"

This couldn't be more accurate, I literally couldn't care less about what skin color, or gender the protagonist is, I loved HZD, I loved Uncharted, I loved Tlou, I loved Halo, I loved Bioshock, and my love for all of those series has absolutely NOTHING to do with any of their skin color or gender, if you're whining about "oh there isn't any female representation, or any african american representation" You are saying you literally can't enjoy the game because of character's gender/race, how is that not racist/sexist?

Since you brought it up Christopher let's go by this majority rules idea you brought up, you seem to be making it out as if so many people are complaining about a female lead like it's such a huge problem, well sales prove you wrong so no point beating that to death, but by a vast majority there are way more articles complaining about lack of diversity than not right? You are choosing the majority but act like you're in the minority, it's absurd.

If you even try to bring up Battlefield V as an example of people being upset by women in games then it is clear to everyone here you are being intentionally dishonest or just so stuck in your negative mindset no matter what is said to you, you will perceive it negatively because you either have a victim complex or are just a naturally negative personality.

bluefox755552d ago

@rainslackers Exactly, the angry vocal minority always have a disproportionate influence on anything. The rest of us just don't care, but we're constantly bombarded with this idea that representation matters. I don't think it does to most people. If I'm reading a story, I don't care if the protagonist has the same skin color as me or the same genitals. I just want it to be a good story, and I'm against anything that puts itself in competition with that. Games that have an overt focus on diversity just feel contrived and condescending to the very people it claims to appeal to. When I was a kid, one of my favorite shows was Fresh Prince. It never occured to me while watching the show that I can't enjoy it because they have a different skin color than I, it was just funny, and that was all that mattered. Identitarianism is killing society, be it racial, gender, or otherwise.

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Gameseeker_Frampt553d ago

Pandering is a big part of video games, it only has become a problem since the white male is no longer the one being pandered to. Did you really never notice the decades of Japanese video game developers making games staring white males?

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