Prototype Xbox Series X Photos Surface

The images were posted by Curry Panda on Neogaf.

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Kribwalker512d ago

i really wish they still had HDMI in. I really like that feature on the xbox one, and it frees up a spot on my receiver, maybe being a dev kit they’ll add it, but prolly not


I used it and I think anyone who had a cable box next to their Xbox used it. It free’d up a HDMI port why would you not use it?

porkChop512d ago

Did it have true bypass/passthrough on the XBO? Like can you use your reciever if the XBO is off?

UnHoly_One512d ago (Edited 512d ago )

No, the Xbox has to be on.

jznrpg512d ago

Nope that’s why it’s gone

porkChop511d ago

Ah, that's really not ideal. You'd want true bypass. It's common in newer HDMI sound systems.

Immorals512d ago

I love it, but it didn't have 4k pass through so I only use it for my switch

Kribwalker511d ago

yeah that was my only complaint. there’s such a limited amount of 4k content through my tv service so i wasn’t too concerned right now, but next gen it woulda been great to have it with 4k pass through

Poopmist511d ago

The added input lag makes it kinda useless to me

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UltraNova512d ago

Not hating here (I couldn't care less about console designs) but its a carbon copy of my Soundbar subwoofer...

UltraNova512d ago (Edited 512d ago )

Weird request but what the hell


PS': This JBL punches way above its weight. Highly recommend.

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I_am_Batman512d ago (Edited 512d ago )

Functionality first as far as I'm concerned. This design might allow them to install a bigger heat sink and an axial fan to properly cool the APU without sounding like a starting jet engine.

General thoughts on the pics:
C8 inlet bodes well for power efficiency. I wouldn't put too much emphasis on missing USB-C slots as this could easily change for the retail version. HDMI-in probably won't get added though unless the interface is already on the motherboard and it's just the socket missing from this prototype.

nucky64512d ago

well, sitdown just got BURRRRRNED!

darthv72512d ago

Sorry nova but your sub is similarly shaped, but not a "carbon copy". CC implies it is like for like and your sub is missing a slot drive and USB on the front. Has different footing and prob lacks all the venting and ports on the back.

This boxy design is not new but this one is unique. Its internals and layout are like nothing before it. Even apple (who has pioneered new designs years before) doesnt have anything that looks like this. Their cube is smaller and has a top loading slot drive.

Ricegum512d ago

Oh god. Here comes Darth with his defense of the mini fridge.

darthv72512d ago

You read my comment wrong then Rice. I was pointing out that Nova was incorrect in saying it is a carbon copy. you must have reading comprehensions issues if you think that is somehow "defending" seeing as his comment wasnt "attacking".

UltraNova512d ago Smh.

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Blu3_Berry512d ago

That actually looks really nice. Much nicer looking then in the promotional images. Very sleek looking.

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S2Killinit512d ago (Edited 512d ago )

Looks like the power brick ate the console.

Consumer: put the power brick inside the console please!
MS: hold my beer

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crazyCoconuts512d ago (Edited 512d ago )

@s2 dats too funny

512d ago
darthv72512d ago

The brick has been inside since the S. You were expecting it to be external again?

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nucky64512d ago

"sleek"? i thought it looks clumsy and block-like.

StoneyYoshi512d ago (Edited 512d ago )

I think 4kgk69x was trying to say is, how can you think thats sleek looking? Nothing about this system looks smooth and glossy. Sleek looking would make more sense for the launch PS3. If anything the Series X is very sharp looking.

CaptainHenry916512d ago

I like the Xbox one X design better

silenthillstrangler511d ago

Looks exactly the same as the promotional images. exactly.

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